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Why do men think its ok to make a woman cry and then make jokes?

Asked by eeyore200343 (180points) July 23rd, 2008
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My boyfriend usually makes jokes and that makes me cry, and then he feels bad. Not the other way around. I’d beat him. LOL

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i have never had this problem so perhaps you can give us more detail, so we can further analyze your situation?

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Men find humor in other people’s pain, especially other guys. It’s one way we relate to each other, and it’s a natural way for guys to think. It takes training and/or practice for guys to remember that women are not like men when it comes to communication and humor. Some guys are better at it than others.

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well 1 example is that i was upset and i asked him if he thought it was clever what he was doing and he laughed and said i dunno what do u think? plz help i dunno what to do!!

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I’m with PnL on this one. This is not my experience of men at all. In fact I find they tend to be more scared and concerned in the presence of tears than women.

Why were you upset and what was he doing?

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What kind of men do you have around you? I think that should be the real question!

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Methinks you generalize a bit too much. Yes – there are jerk guys out there but they are not the majority.

Just like there are girls who make fun of guys. It is not a majority.

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theres no communication at all he thinks that he dunt have to tell me things but those things concern me such as going to his house and he dint tell me bout our flights changing and stuff

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He’s horrid. Dump him at once. Tell him susanc said to.

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@kevbo Not all men find pain funny. I tend to avoid the ones that do.

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@susanc, you’re advice is spot on, but guessing by the communication skillz being demonstrated here so far, he’s likely not the sole contributor to the over-arching problem

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The details still seem sketchy at best, but if that’s the communication style of this relationship, maybe he isn’t the one.

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Well when people are quite young, I think breaking up
is a life skillz that should be practiced frequently in order to move on to other relationships that will afford additional breakup-skillz practice till the one comes along.

I also believe that simple, direct commands can be most easily considered and perhaps rejected.

I apologize to eeyore (interesting choice of username) for being so bossy, but I really believe it would be exciting and strengthening for her to try my suggestion.
How bad could it be if she goes for it?
Another interesting bf is right around the corner. You know it’s true!

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is this a factual question? well, i don’t do that. lol. and hopefully there are none who would employ this practice. it’s not very gentlemanly of him.

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Well he sounds like a ass to me. If he thinks its funny to see you hurting then this isnt the guy for you. Most guys that make girls cry or see there upset dont laugh instead they feel bad and apologize or try to make you feel better. You need to drop his ass.

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aww my man didnt even say sorry for making me cry i think yeah i have to drop him before he can hurt me more

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