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What is the most interesting place you have been?

Asked by flutherother (31091points) November 11th, 2015

Most of us do a fair bit of travelling these days. What would you say is the most interesting place you have seen?

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Turtle hills in Alberta near Drumheller.

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Haiti. Interesting, but tragic.

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Borobudur Temple, near Jogjakarta, Java, Indonesia.

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Kilkenny, Ireland.

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Hmm. Probably Edinburgh. But I haven’t really been to all that many places, and most of them were interesting. Southeastern Iowa wasn’t, though. —Sorry, Midwest guys.

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My mother’s womb, during labour it became a womb with a view.

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Probably Tokyo.

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Haifa, Israel

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Akko near Haifa in Israel – an old fort from the Crusades

And the Coliseum in Rome

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Yes! Akka too!!

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@Cupcake It was amazing wasn’t it? So evocative of Medieval times.

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Another one – the cave paintings at Niaux in France.

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Tie between:
Cappadocia, Turkey with those “fairy chimneys” and cave hotels and
Bali Indonesia

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Sunken City in Los Angeles

It used to much much cooler with more places to access.

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Northern Arizona:

The Grand Canyon
Oak Creek Canyon/Slide Rock
Red rocks of Sedona
Secret canyons that hold ancient Indian ruins
Jerome ghost town

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Lac Xoa, Laos.

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@dammitjanetfromvegas We drove through Jerome. It was a haunting place.

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Martha’s Vineyard, a gorgeous place. The chi-chi, celebrity property owners can never steal the island from those of us who grew up nearby, always loving it.

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Madagascar and India!

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Having dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower at sunset.

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I’ve been to lots of places. Many of them have been interesting. I can’t pick a favourite. I just love new places, new cultures. I loved Uluru, and many places in the Northern Territory. I loved New York! Vancouver was great, as was Toronto. I really like Dunedin in NZ. I adore the Lake District. I’ve been to so many fabulously interesting places. I can’t pick one.

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