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How often do you wash your feet?

Asked by flutherother (28492points) November 11th, 2015

I don’t mean just letting the water run over them when showering.

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I wash them in the shower every morning, with a washcloth. Been doing that for many years.

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Every time I bathe, they tend to follow me around.

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Curious as to why you ask this.
I only actively wash my feet when they are extra dirty, otherwise the water and soap runoff in the shower are more than sufficient to be clean.

Do you know something that I don’t know?

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You scrub them down along with all the other parts. I don’t understand why anything should be excluded

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Only when I wash my legs. Which is only when I wash my arms. Which is only when I wash my body. Which is only when I shower.

Hey, there’s a drought here! Can’t be doing this every time I wash my hands!

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I shower once in the morning to wake up and once in the evening when I get home. I usually wash my feet in the evening shower.

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I take a shower daily, sometimes twice a day. I let the water run on them but don’t pay any particular attention to them.

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Every day. A quick suds. Once a week I use a loofah like thingy on the top of my feet for a quick once over too.

A few times (over several years) I developed cellulitis when a bee or ant got me on my foot. I decided maybe I should actively try to keep my natural bacteria on my skin reduced. It never happened on other parts of my body. That’s when I started sudsing them daily.

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I have someone come in with a toe-truck to assist,

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loofah like thingy def: Verne Troyer (thespian tiny person)

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I take a shower every day and wash and scrub them then, but if I walk outside barefoot and my feet get particularly dirty, I’ll go and sit on the side of the tub and scrub them down again, or at least use a wet wipe to get the grime off.

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Is there not a Catholic ceremony, perhaps done by the pope, where he washes the feet of a parishoner to show his humbleness?

I wonder if there is something that can be learned from his technique.

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Only when I think they’re dirty, which is, maybe, once a month. My back scrub brush broke and I haven’t been able to wash my back for a couple of months. Doesn’t seem to hurt anything.
For me, it’s mostly the private areas, under the breasts and underarms that are of any real concern.

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Only if I decide to wash my legs will I also think of washing my feet. So…rarely lol.

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I’ve never had a problem with stinky feet so water running over them in the shower, daily, suffices.

I use the bathroom with a shower stall and no tub. I’m not going to try standing on one leg in a wet fiberglass box to try to scrub something that gives no offense.

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Every night, when I shower before bedtime. (Yes, I’m a nocturnal washer. I like to go to bed clean.) Here’s my impeccable reasoning – my husband likes silky-smooth legs, and I like my husband, so I shave daily; while I’m doing that, why not clean my feet? After, I rub L’Occitane foot cream all over them. I do barefooted Pilates, so I’m a bit conscious of pedicures and nice-looking feet.

For when I’m in a real hurry, I’ve invented the Six-Pack Shower – two underarms, two feet, and front and back privates. I figure, those are the body parts that might smell or need refreshing, and I can clean them in about 2 minutes.

@Dutchess_III The whole concept of “under the breasts” is completely foreign to me! I’m impressed, and maybe a bit envious, that such a place exists. By the way, If you’d like a new back brush, Fuller sells one that works well and feels terrific. It looks like a small toilet brush (!), and it just seems to hit every square inch nicely.

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I don’t have any problems with my feet and they never smell, so I don’t specifically focus on them every day. But I like to periodically exfoliate everywhere on my body to get rid of dead skin, so I probably do it 2–3 times per week.

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Every time I shower, which is usually twice a day. I don’t skip cleaning any part of my body when I’m showering.

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Does washing feet even help with foot odor? As an adult I don’t know anyone with foot odor. When I was a kid I can remember one or two kids where it was noticeable, but I couldn’t tell you who they were. Just some random kid or teen people might tease. I just wondered if basic washing takes care of that problem? Is it caused by bacteria or yeast?

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Every day when I have a shower. I rub over them with the sponge. I walk around with bare feet a lot of the time when I’m home. When I have a bath I like to give them a really good scrub.

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@Love_my_doggie ~ breasts….you can have ‘em. I actually met with a breast surgeon yesterday to see about breast reduction. It’s pretty much a no go I think, and I’m kinda bummed. I really have a question I want to ask, but I’m afraid to explode publicly onto Fluther with my breasts. :}~

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Every time I shower. Doesn’t everyone do that? I use soap specifically on my underarms, underbreasts, private areas, and my feet. Basically every part of my body that could potentially develop an odor, I wash with soap when I shower.

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I don’t wash my feet very often, @WillWorkForChocolate.

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I just find that odd. I don’t feel like my feet are clean unless I wash them. Just the shower runoff doesn’t do it for me. One reason I wash my feet with soap is because I don’t want there to be any foot odor when…umm…my feet are close to my hubby’s head for…reasons.

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LOL! “Gawd Honey! Your feet! GagaMaggot!” Cue the sound of a phonograph needle ripping across vinyl!

Stinky feet, though, don’t happen naturally. They get stinky when they’re trapped in shoes, for hours. They start sweating and then bacteria starts to grow. That’s what makes feet stink. Of course, you have to clean your shoes to help get rid of the problem. As a natural course of action I never wear shoes in the house. I am barefoot 24/7, if possible. In winter I wear one or two pairs of socks to pad around the house in and my feet never stink.

The only time I ever developed stinky feet was when I was working, and often wore some comfy flats to work. They’re vinyl. If, for some reason, I could never take them off, by the end of the day my feet smelled bad. I’d wash them thoroughly and powder the inside of my shoes and put them upside down on a house vent.

It’s all this awearin’ of der clothes that causes stinky bodies, except for those parts of our bodies that are naturally entrapped, like arm pits and, for me, under my boobs.

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My feet don’t smell. I am barefoot the majority of the time when I’m in the house.

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