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Would Scientology be so negatively viewed if Tom Cruise wasn't such a nutcase?

Asked by poofandmook (17290points) July 23rd, 2008

I don’t personally believe in Scientology at all, but think about it. Tom Cruise suddenly seemed to go bonkers with the Scientology stuff, and now Katie Holmes, who was very well-liked in Hollywood, is also viewed as crazy; speculations about Scientology rituals and unorthodox child-rearing methods run rampant in magazines and rags. But then there’s Will Smith, who is a known Scientologist, and nobody says a peep negatively about him. He’s still a beloved A-Lister, despite his beliefs.

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I personally think Scientology made him seem like a “nutcase.” Not saying anything bad about anyone who is Scientologist, but they seem to be very keen on forcing people into their religion.

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Scientology was started by a sci-fi writer. If you read up about it, it very negatively viewed by many people, especially those former scientologists who have escaped. All religions and cults have their detractors. The best question one can ask is this: has this religion helped any of its followers to be better people? For many religions that’s a resounding yes. But yeah, if your biggest promoter sounds like a nutcase to most of the country, it doesn’t help the image.

Here’s some story to it:–06-24/news/Scientologys-Crushing-Defeat/full

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No don’t blame him, blame the entire regime of it.

Tom Cruise is just a widespread example, scientology has some messed up factions within it.

The whole thing is bad, there’s proof of the “religion” taking donated money (and lots of it, I mean we’re talking even people’s mortgages on houses depending on how viable the sources are) and spending it on themselves [the higher people of the ‘religion’] on material items, finding those people, and basically destroying their lives taking them away from their family homes, jobs, etc.

I mean I don’t know how true any of that is, but there is actual proof of them receiving very large sums of money which seem to disappear.

Want some really bad stuff on it? Check out youtube, we did once last semester in english class for our random discussion day for the hell of it, and there’s some baaaad things on youtube which who knows if they are true or not, i’d hope not but it wouldn’t entirely surprise me.

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I’ll admit I’m not very knowledgable on the subject of Scientology… so I’m learning new things with your answers.

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Tom Cruise’s insanity didn’t change my view on Scientology, only my view of him.

Besides, even without his craziness and supposed superpowers, there’s still John Travolta and his masterpiece Battlefield Earth.

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I once lived a couple of blocks away from a Scientology storefront operation. Every time I walked around my neighborhood, I could count on someone coming up to me and giving me some BS line inviting me to some kind of party. They never identified themselves as belonging to any group; they were just constantly combing the city and trying to hook any young people they came across into their scheme.

Lots of groups proselytize, but what creeped me out about these kids was their “stealth” methodology, never giving the slightest clue about who they were or what their motives were, just trying to get you cornered on their turf. Really spooky.

That was many years ago, and I don’t know if they still operate this way, but the fact that they once did is all I need to know about them.

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I use to live by their human warehouse on hollywood blvd. They would unload buses of children at 1a.m.
They are brainwashed freaks!
Saw it first hand

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There was a lot of negative press surrounding Scientology and their beliefs surrounding the death of Lisa McPherson in 1995. They denied her proper care because their beliefs forbade them and she ended up dying and Scientology was sued as an organization for her wrongful death. They have long been called a cult by many detractors and there are several organizations devoted to exposing what they consider the truth behind the group’s desire to make money among other selfish exploits.

Tom Cruise has almost nothing to do with anything except his relevance to pop culture. Scientology was view negatively long before he became a public spokesman. If anything he’s brought positivity to it (and he’s won awards from the organization because of it)

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I think it’s negatively viewed for many other things that are more important than Tom Cruise. Look for some more info here

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I think Tom Cruise is a symptom not the cause. I suspect he is a fair representation of their views. I think it is scary business especially their moves into government, etc.

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lol okay, wow… I feel sort of dumb. I guess I didn’t realize how involved this whole concept was… I should have done more research first. I, like a lot of people, hadn’t heard of Scientology before Tom Cruise and equated it with something harmless like, say, believing in aliens. Excuse my dumb question :)

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Scientology is no stranger to me than most other religions. My issue with them is they used to be so against being referred to as a religion, and then for monetary purposes, decided, hey, let’s be a religion. Lame.

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@poofandmook I thought it was a good question.

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@poof Its not a dumb question. It just became more complex than you had intended.

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I thought it was all kooky long before Tom Cruise stepped off the deep end.

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I had a negative view of it long before Tom too! I think that’s what PUSHED him off the deep end…

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Avoid Scientology.

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I love how I’m getting an ad for over in the sidebar of this page

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OMG, it’s true! Too funny, Harp.

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It may not be as mainstream w/o him, but regardless the scientologists in the subway system are nuts

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