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Is coconut oil good or bad for you?

Asked by shufflejog (4points) July 23rd, 2008

There is a big controversy about the benefits of coconut oil (which contains a lot of saturated fat). Some say it is good for you, some say it is bad for you. Who is right?

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Sure it’s good for you, why not?

Of course anything is good/bad for you, you just have to find moderation.

To much of anything is a bad thing..

I don’t know any benefits to drinking it are, I mean all it mostly is is water..

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It’s very good for you. Also helps with the metabolism. As I am sure you have heard, there are good fats and bad fats and this one is good for you and delicious! Same goes for avocados…...yum!

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depends, are you going to drink it or rub it on your ass?

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@XCNuse, Coconut oil does not have any water, I dont think you are thinking of the same thing, If your talking about ingesting it. Coconut oil is extremely high in saturated fat 90% in fact. I couldnt imagine any way that could be good for you but ive heard stranger things

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The only material I can find promoting the health benefits of coconut oil are people growing coconuts and selling coconut oil. I think you need to exercise caution.

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This is great website about coconut oil! Wade through the marketing “stuff,” to his info on the health benefits.

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Here’s Mercola’s site—better than above:

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On the Food Network they mentioned it to be a natural laxative. Ugh. So i advise you to take it in moderation or else you will be counting your bathroom tiles for about half your day. Other than that, like the previous answers, it is high in fats bit these fats are much healthier than let’s say a steak because they are much easier to digest and break down.

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@Indy318 I just learned that. When my mother’s medication caused severe constipation, that was what did the trick. I had never heard of using coconut that way.

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Coconut oil has a bad rap from tests that looked at hydrogenated coconut oil, which is highly processed. But all hydrogenated oils are pretty bad for you. Plant-based fats that are close to their original states are more or less good for you; if they’re processed, stay away.

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you can get unprocessed coconut oil which is very good.

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@stocky yea i’m not thinking of the oil from the meat i was thinking of coconut milk at the time..


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In moderation. CoCo nut is a natural food anyways. I would say watch your comsumption but in moderation, feast!!!

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