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What should I do?

Asked by crazyandbeautiful (551points) November 12th, 2015

I ordered my niece a gift my SIL sent to me on her list. A Spirograph. I got one off eBay as it was cheaper but what she wanted. I got in touch with the seller to ask how much longer for it to be delivered. It was past the delivery date. I’m OCD. He told me it was on its way. But didn’t say when. I asked him again how much longer?

I then asked for a refund. I had ordered from another store getting no answer from him. He kept saying it was undelivered to my address. Yea right. I have lived at the same address for many years. Kept saying I want a refund.

Monday comes and says delivered the package. Malarkey. I did get it today with the other Spirograph I ordered from the other store. eBay did credit me for what happened.

Should I send it back? Or should I resell it online?

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Since you got a refund, it is best to return it to the seller.

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Why would you sell it online if Ebay refunded you the amount you paid? That’s cheating.

At most, you could contact the seller and tell him to send you the postage if he wants it returned.

But, from your description of the entire situation, it was your own OCDish tendency that caused you to double order the item to begin with.

He told you he had sent it and it’s obvious he did since you received it. If either UPS or the USPS was slow, that’s not his fault.

From my experience with buying stuff from Ebay, the sellers usually offer the customer several shipping options (unless it’s free shipping) so unless you paid extra for overnight or 2nd day Air, it will go regular ground and get there when it gets there.

I don’t see that the seller defrauded you in any way. Why do you think you’re entitled to defraud him and resell the item?

Or is there something I’m missing here?

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Uh, if the tracking information says he sent it, he sent it. Just about everything comes with a tracking number these days, unless it was sent Media Mail (which would have been illegal).

It’s not the seller’s fault you double-ordered. Return the item to him – at your expense.. Make sure to send him the tracking information so he knows you sent it.

At this point the seller is out the item, his shipping costs, and a lot of hassle. That’s patently unfair.

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Take the high road and send it back – at your expense. It is not a lot of money.
By returning it you show your good faith and spread some good will as well.
Remember when your mother told you to “Play nice!” ? Listen to her.

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As everyone else said, send it back. He’s not as responsive as you’d like, and seems to have been confused or even incompetent about tracking packages, but you’re admittedly OCD (making you particularly impatient) yet were trying to save some money. It’s always some risk (especially in terms of delivery time) ordering something from eBay, or even from a store by mail order. Even when sending things on-time with overnight express, things don’t always show up on time.

Also, the eBay refund policy is there to keep people happy, but it’s not fair to just keep something you’ve been refunded for unless it’s really clear that was agreed upon by everyone in advance. For example, yes if a company guarantees you will receive it by a certain time or else you get it free, then that’s the deal. But I don’t know that the eBay contract says that, so I’d expect you should sent it back.

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Ditto what everone else says about sending it back at your expense.

And then give the seller a good review. You owe it to them.

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You got your refund.

If you didn’t open the package (or can make it look as if you didn’t), you can simply return/refused and no one is out return shipping.

Otherwise I would pay to return it to the seller.

Undelivered to your address means there was no one there to receive the package when they made delivery.

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@Seek I never received any tracking info from him. I got info from him saying it was sent. When I spoke to EBAY Customer Service on Monday. The rep for eBay said as strange as it is it was sent out to me. Made it to the post office in my area, was undeliverable to my house. Hello? I have lived in the same house for 25 years. Then rep for eBay said it went BACK TO HIM. So weird. Why would it go back to him?

The package came from Amazon today. So when I asked when is it getting here? He should of told me he was ordering from Amazon. Come on don’t be an asshole.

I knew I didn’t order anything from Amazon because I have not placed an order with them.
Probably will send it back to Amazon. The seller I bought for on eBay never said oh yea it’s coming from Amazon. And when I saw the package I was confused.

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What you’re saying is not possible, @crazyandbeautiful.

Either the package came from his location and was returned to him, or it was sent from Amazon. Did you ask for tracking info?

The only scenario that would result in what you’re telling us is if you ordered, the package was sent back to him, and, in order to satisfy your order as quickly as possible he paid Amazon to send you a replacement.

How long you’ve lived where you do has nothing to do with the package being undeliverable. He might have made an error when he put your address on it. There might not have been anyone around to accept the parcel (though they usually leave notes). ANy number of things could cause the package to be returned, and most of them call for an error on his part.

Sounds to me like he bent over backward to fulfill his end of the deal. I’d return one of the toys as cheaply as possible, and leave the seller positive feedback.

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@ibstubro if he bent over backwards like you said he would of answered my messages. I sell on eBay also. I answer my messages in a timely manner. Tracking info is uploaded right away. I never got any info. You usually get an email with tracking info. I got nothing. I was home all week. So saying nobody was here to accept is pretty sad and passing the buck.

I will send it back to Amazon because that’s where it came from. I refuse to have two of these things staring at me in the face.

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Um, you have the package. Look up the tracking number. Duh.

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Again this package DID NOT COME FROM EBAY! IT CAME FROM AMAZON! I will send the package back to the address on the front.

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I’m so confused. You bought a toy from an individual on eBay that said the toy was his but when you got it, it actually came from Amazon?
I’m not that familiar with eBay but it seems to me that the guy didn’t really have the toy and he got it from amazon and had it sent to you. Or am I totally wrong about how eBay works?

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Even if the seller drop-shipped to you via Amazon, he still paid for it from their fulfillment center.

If you mail the package to Amazon without an Amazon RMA number, you’re going to have a confused receiving clerk and a seller still out his investment.

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Though I have to wonder why you bothered asking us, since its clear you’re not interested in our answers.

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Another perspective on the same basic question.

Help me make up a story to tell my neighbor

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When you buy off eBay you have the item on hand. I usually do. I use my address as the shipping address. I am not being difficult about this. But explain to the store the situation what happened. And why they will be receiving the package back. I don’t understand why people like him are on eBay.

I’ve seen really other bad questions then mine. So of you are going to pull me apart and make fun of me, go ahead.

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