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Have you used a room air filter/purifier?

Asked by Cupcake (15508points) November 13th, 2015

Why did you use it? What brand/model did you use? Did it meet your expectations? What results did you have?

I think my office is toxic. I get headaches and can’t focus at all. I leave work miserable every day. It’s been years. It’s not me and it’s not really the people or the job. I think it’s environmental.

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Google air purifiers and read about them. I had spent 300.00 on a sharper image and at that time I found that the purifier was totally useless, did not work as presented and in fact, was a health risk. This was several years ago so I would reccomend that you do your homework before you buy.
The reason I spent so much is that my mom had COPD and lung cancer and I wanted to have her home air as purified as possible. Too bad a company is that devious.

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I would rely upon the findings of Consumer Reports. They have the advantage of being both thorough and professional (unbiased) in their findings.

They do not accept advertising nor are they provided products by the manufacturers. Whatever they test, they buy off the shelf like all the rest of us.

You might have to pay for a year’s membership to their site to have all their data available to you. But it would more than pay for itself since an air purifier which actually does what it’s supposed to do is not a minor purchase.

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Yes. I prefer ones with a washable HEPA filter.

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We have had Holmes for over twenty years wore out 1. HEPA filter and good air circulation .
@Cupcake A toxic office are very possible, vacuum if you can. Also make sure no one is smoking in the building or close to the exterior doors.

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They don’t work.

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@syz Are you specifically referring to air purifiers? Would you suggest a HEPA filter? Nothing?

@Tropical_Willie I work in a very old hospital that has expanded to many times its original size. No windows are able to be opened. The housekeepers use vacuums that smell bad to me, so I ask them to not vacuum. My office has the old kind of tile (I can’t think of the name), so it occasionally gets mopped. So, basically, I have no good circulation and no vacuum. There is no smoking in or outside of the hospital.

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