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Would you, please, share something happy about your day?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32719points) November 13th, 2015

I think we all need something to lift our spirits this evening.

I had a lovely powerwalk this morning. It was raining very lightly when I stepped outside. I thought of not walking, but I warmed up, and the rain stopped. At several points on my walk, I felt light drops on my arms and face. It was very light, and it made little wet feelings on my skin. It was really very nice, and it was a good walk.

Work was productive. I had a disappointment. I’ve been working on a project for a month, and I didn’t do one piece perfectly, so I need to get some information from other people. I have to wait for them, so there’s a delay. Sigh. But I went to a meeting where I shared some information that was very well received.

I also got confirmation that I handled a delicate situation very well. I was correct in my thinking, and I’m glad I handled it the way I did.

Please, tell us something that was happy for you today.

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Well it was my first day off, so that was a good thing.

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I have my first holiday gift of the year finished – a crocheted handbag for my mother-in-law.

Hubby finished up his second week at his new job, and it’s going well.

I caught Ian watching an educational film on the Big Bang when I thought he was watching Youtube personalities playing Minecraft.

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That I am able to step outside and look up and see a most glorious starry night to where seeing that vast universe above my head, I am reminded how peaceful and serene life actually is if you can turn off the TV/cell phone/computer. This is not to ignore and hide from the tragedies and ugliness that pervades our world today….but when there is nothing you can immediately do to change things that have happened to other innocents…I welcome moments like now to take a step back and admire the beauty of our world and the goodness that remains despite the determined efforts of others to inflict terror on the lives innocent peoples. Group hug and prayers to our friends in France.

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I received a notification that I’ve passed my English test! Another graduation requirement checked.

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Did well during my driving lesson today! No crashes so that’s good!

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Congrats @OriginalCunningFox…made me chuckle as today I was behind a car that had a large yellow bumper sticker that said “Rookie Driver” and it was obvious by the slow speed and shaky turns he was indeed very new behind the wheel and reminded me of those tenuous days of riding shotgun with my sons as they navigated their first miles on the road.

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Lovely visit with one of my best friends at her new home. And seeing my favorite new guy friend tomorrow. (Didn’t hear about Paris til on my way home when Ex texted that son was ok.)

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Glad Son is OK.

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It’s going to rain. Which is really good, because Oregon was experiencing a really bad drought. You asked this question. Yes, I’m really using it, because I needed it and I’m thankful that you thought to ask it.

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I’ve had a truly horrible day. I won’t spill the details, but I am grateful to know that my loved ones are safe. I guess that’s the happy part of my day. that and the Rolling Rock buzz I have goin’ on

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I read in this morning’s paper that the US Air Force has put into the fight against ISIS the AMAZING, the SPECTACULAR, the TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME A-10 Thunderbolt II! When it comes to air attacks against enemy forces on the ground, send the very best!

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That if I do not tighten up my diet I may have a heart attack and can legally escape this rat trap. :-)

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NPR reported that in a part of Mexico the Monarch Butterflies were 4 times the number of last year.

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I experienced a pretty OK shave this morning using a Double edge razor and brush and all the old school stuff. No blood was spilled! I used my father’s old razor and brush, and finished with the last of his aftershave. I felt very close to him today. It made me smile.

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It’s over.

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@ibstubro That is fantastic news! So happy to hear this!

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Re-watching this video that I took about two years ago. The quality is shitty, but the experience was the best I’ve ever had. That’s thousands of snow geese tootin’ their horns.

Snow Geese above me

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Here’s Happy my cat. He always makes me happy.

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@dammitjanetfromvegas That is so awe inspiring and you were so brave to be standing out there there in the open filming them! That vid also gave me a glimpse of that long ass driveway you once mentioned took Jon forever to shovel to finally get a car out to escape a massive snow storm!
Rolling Rock was one of my favorite beers

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We had scallops wrapped in bacon and spaghetti squash with butter and nutmeg. Dessert was the seeds roasted; from the squash with garlic, butter, black pepper and salt.

Quiet evening with my wife.

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He’s very handsome @gondwanalon. Mine is being a sooky-la-la today. It’s a little cooler. He’s feeling the cold.

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@Cruiser We are in town now. Yay for short driveways and wind barriers!

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I went to Brighton for the first time. It was an interesting area. Didn’t go around much, just to this place to get pho.

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I went to Brighton for a conference this year (I mean Brighton UK). It was fine. I enjoyed walking around and taking photos really early in the morning. I haven’t uploaded any of them yet.

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This evening I went to the opening of an art installation in San Francisco. It’s called “The 40 Part Motet”; 40 voices, singing medieval chorus, each voice recorded separately, and each voice played back on its own speaker.

The sound washes over one, it touches the heart in an unsuspectingly emotional way. A meditation in sound and harmony. And the sun had just set behind the Golden Gate Bridge, and a sliver of a crescent moon was visible.

I had experienced the motet once before, at The Cloisters in Manhattan two years ago. Today was not in such an overwhelming location, but in many ways just left one alone with the sound.

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My doggy was curled up on my let asleep and I could help but crack up when I saw her eyes roll up and all you could see was the whites of her eyes. When she’s sound asleep, she sometimes sleeps with her eyes slightly open. It’s creepy looking and funny at the same time. It’s usually when she is most relaxed and sleeping deeply. You can move her and she won’t wake up, but open up the back door and she pounces awake in seconds.
The rest of my day was quiet.

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@gondwanalon , He’s beautiful.

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Oh, here is something that did make me laugh. Trumps stabbing challenge. I wonder how many people may want to take him up on the offer. LOL. I wouldn’t blame anyone if they took him up on it. He did offer.

Oh, btw, above I meant my say leg. My dog was curled up on my leg.

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I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and constantly behind at work for about two weeks. Today, I got caught up. Whew!

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I saw footage of flooding in Portland last week (I think). Could that be considered an indication that Oregon’s drought is ending?

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Hmmm. Well, I had a very successful meeting of managers from 13 other veterinary hospitals, a meeting that my supervisor had planned but then called out sick just before so I had to take over responsibility. It went very smoothly, so I’m proud of that.

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I just got back from a pro-refugees demonstration. There were lots of us, and it was heartening to see the same ideas being proclaimed by all sorts of different peopĺe.

The energy of demonstrations works wonders when in combat against that feeling of helplessness.

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@Brian1946 Hopefully. But the entire reason is flooded was because of the drought. The ground couldn’t handle the water.

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Today we made enough dressing for 200 servings and have the turkeys ready for Thanksgiving dinner at the church tomorrow.

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This was yesterday, which was horribly stressful at work. But in the midst of all that, a work friend showed how much he cared by going out of his way to help and by also being a much needed sympathetic ear. Then, after work I went walking with another friend and we did two miles (which is good for me right now).

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Had a great afternoon with a close guy friend. It’s not a romance but we have a really nice time together.

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Today I went to the theatre with my dad, brother and brother’s girlfriend. We saw Mary Poppins! It was lovely to spend time with my family and watch something that didn’t require much thought but was very heart warming.

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This morning we served over 140 at our Church Thanksgiving Pot Luck . There was just enough room for everybody with a little wiggle room, and nobody NOBODY left hungry!

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I dearly love Thanksgiving.

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Had a lovely lunch with another Board member from UU today. Think I found a new friend.

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I truly like making new friends.

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Another good thing – a lovely song about Dylan Thomas is playing on Pandora right now.

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I pulled a Seinfeldian “marble rye” fight with a young woman this morning and got the two sourdough breads I needed – one for a dinner party and one to drop off at a sick friend’s.

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^I hope no one was hurt in the melee.

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^^ Well, the breads survived intact.

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^^Proper priorities

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Checked back with the BBQ place that’s smoking my Thanksgiving turkey. It turns out they had me down for just a breast!. Got that rectified.

The windshield gaskets are finally in for my car! The window man says it will be ready next week! The Mercedes dealership sent the wrong gaskets twice! How many different models of 1978 240d’s were there? Slow but good!

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@majorrich I would have blown a gasket if the BBQ place only gave me a breast when I wanted a whole bird!

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Oh yeah! I will need all 12 pounds of bird. Started making turkey broth this morning for gravy and dressing using leftovers from Sunday. for me Food = Love. I put my all into feeding my family. AND what I do now, I don’t have to do Wednesday and Thursday Morning.

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We had a nice afternoon at the park, walking the nature trails and getting up close and personal with some rotting trees. How many species of fungus can we count on this stump?

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At the end of Bible study today some strange woman game over and thanked us for our faithfulness and blessed us all with money to get a coffee (since we were at Startbucks), and when I somehow forgot to take my cell phone with me when I left Starbucks someone turned it in and I got it back (Abba Father knows how to look after His kids)

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My coffee was nice and strong this morning. A friend also made me laugh.

That’s all I’ve got

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Kiva is giving a bonus for adding to an account in celebration of #Giving Tuesday. I’ll get to make 3 new loans!

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