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Would you stop visiting a friend at their house, if you found out they had firearms?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19389points) November 14th, 2015

Legally obtained and stored firearms.
Would it bother you, or not?

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No and it should not bother you.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I am a firearm enthusiast ,and own quite a few, but none are on display, and all are stored according to the law.

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Myself as well, I keep them locked up.

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A quick and easy answer – I don’t know anyone who owns a firearm, legally obtained or otherwise.

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No. I have several family members who are police officers, with 2–3 firearms each.

No big deal.I’m at their houses all the time,

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Only if they didn’t properly store them and the bullets.

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No. Like @DrasticDreamer, if they were laying out or carelessly strewn about the house, then yes, but if they were away I wouldn’t care. I have friends with guns and in my previous work, I visited people who had guns. No biggie.

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No. If they were legally qualified to store firearms, they ought to know their responsibility.

I’m speaking from a pespective of a citizen in a country where firearms are mostly illegal.

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It depends on the friend.

I have friends that not only own firearms, but have CCW permits and routinely carry a slimline pistol hanging near the small of their back. Those friends are responsible people who maintain control of their weapons even when they are not wearing them (gun safes) and who won’t pull their gun unless faced with a credible threat of imminent violence. They didn’t carry badges, but they acted as responsibly and ethically as most who do.

I’ve also had friends I wouldn’t trust with a plastic fork, but those friends I was hesitant to go to their house for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with firearms.

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I have several friends who own guns, and I do visit them.
I do not own any firearms, though I do have a foil, a tazer, a machete, and an African spear.

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If it’s someone I know to be trustworthy and they obtained the firearms legally, then I have no problem with it.

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If they are being safe with them, then I have no problem with it. And none of my friends seem to be bothered by any of the weapons in my house (which are also safely secured whenever they are not in use).

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If they were properly stored, no. If they were lying around the house, or the person carried them around without an immediate purpose, yes.

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Depends on the friend. Even if the guns were stored responsibly, if the friend had poor judgment, or a temper control problem, or was mentally unstable, that might keep me from visiting. It would definitely keep me from letting children visit.

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If either the gun or its owner was safely locked up I wouldn’t have a problem.

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As long as the murder machine wasn’t visible. I have a gun but I don’t display it with pride. It is hidden and no bullets are in my apartment.

But if you think the gun makes you awesome I am going to bounce.

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Depends. I know my boss, whom I consider a friend, had firearms locked up tight at his house. They only came out for target practice and when he travelled. I know him, and I trust that he would never have a gun out for one of his kids to reach in his house. However, I do feel better when I think there aren’t any guns around. Unless I need protection from someone. That’s the problem isn’t it? My neighbor is a cop, and I like that if there was a criminal he is across the street with a gun. But, he drinks too much, which makes me a little uneasy.

Some people I would be more nervous about, and especially if I had kids I might be uneasy if they had a play date at that house.

A friend of mine. Who is a gun owner, said she taught her kids from the age of nothing that if they see a gun they run the other way and tell mommy they saw it. I think even guns on display in a house were red flags to her concerning her school aged children. You never know what kids will do out of curiosity.

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@JLeslie :: “My neighbor is a cop, and I like that if there was a criminal he is across the street with a gun. But, he drinks too much, which makes me a little uneasy.”

Is this satire? Am long as the drunk isn’t drunk..

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Nope. We most likely go to the sportsman club together regularly.

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No, unless i’d fucked his wife…obviously.

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@johnpowell Dead serious. I like my gun carrying people to be sober. I’m not saying he drinks on the job, I’m saying if something screwy was going down in the neighborhood and he puts in his protector hat I’d like for him to be sober. I have never seen him carrying his gun. It’s not like he has it on him every second. He’s a detective actually; he doesn’t wear a uniform.

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No. Around here you’d end up a hermit.

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Depends on how they had them stored. If they were in a locked box or cabinet, I would be fine.

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Honestly, I can’t think of too many people I know that don’t have a gun in the house.

But it’s not like they have them on display.

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If they were legally stored and what not a problem. I grew up with guns around. If it was my ex, I would not visit because of his history of mental illness and ingrained dislike for me, even when I try to say something nice, he will take the wrong way and attacks me verbally. I have a friend who hunts and has two daughters in the military and I trust him with his firearms and dogs.

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I would visit more often.

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I would depend on their personality. Of my group of friends, no, I wouldn’t have a problem at all.

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No. While not a fan of fire arms in general I have friends that are very responsible and he has a CC permit here in CA. and other weapons. Not an arsenal but some guns yes, kept in a safe. He has as much training as any law enforcement officer and while I do not, generally, think the average Joe or Jane needs to keep a firearm I certainly would want this guy in my corner if the shit went down somewhere.

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I’d also add, living rural, most everyone in this area keeps a weapon, mostly rifles, shotguns, not so much handguns, and mostly for the potential of needing to shoot the abundant rattlesnakes and the occasional coyote that is nabbing your small livestock.

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Yeah, when we were going to move to the country, we would have for sure gotten a rifle. Not a handgun. Handguns are only for killing other humans.

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@Dutchess_III Agreed, and while my neighbor shot a monster rattlesnake under my deck a few summers ago after it bit my cat, usually the snake weapon of choice is a good old shovel. Anyone can use a shovel. lol

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WillWorkForChocolate is a professional assassinator of snakes with a shovel.

Did your cat die?

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Lock up your guns or leave ‘em layin’ around, I don’t care: I always wear body armor and pack heat wherever I go anyway. ;-p

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“Those friends are responsible people who maintain control of their weapons even when they are not wearing them (gun safes) and who won’t pull their gun unless faced with a credible threat of imminent violence.”

So you wouldn’t hang with Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez?

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@Dutchess_III No, he survived, that’s him in my avatar. $800 later and a lot of “Oxy-cat-on” for pain.haha

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I’m glad. Lucky kitty.

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So far as I know, none one of my friends owns guns or even believes in owning them, thank goodness—but to answer the question squarely, I would not enter the home of anyone who did not have their weapons locked up.

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LOL at “Locked up” firearms.

My favorite is the ever-popular ‘glass front gun cabinet’. Traditional here in the Midwest. Padlock/keylock on the door. Ammo in the bottom drawer.

So I guess I do know a number of people with firearms on display.

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@ibstubro most locked up firearms are not in display cases. Liberty Safes are the most common way people I know do it, including me. Those old cabinets were common 40 years ago. Guessing those you see are owned by people over 60

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We bought our RV from a guy who lived out in the country. He had a thousand different kinds of guns, lying all over his man cave, where we visited with him. He had some really valuable guns, antiques and all, just….scattered all over the room, lying on the floor, across chairs, leaning against the wall. Some were mounted for display.

I tried not to think about the fact that there was at least 2 small children who lived there too, his grandkids, and their mother.

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Actually, glass front gun cabinets are still good sellers at auctions, @ARE_you_kidding_me. Seems to me that many of the buyers are younger guys.
We keep a certain number of our guns at the ready here in the Midwest. The more prudent keep those in a locked glass display case so the ^^^ kids can’t get to them.

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OK, so why would anyone even feel a need to “show off” their guns?

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@Dutchess_III Because they’re proud of them. Not just glass display cases, but also gun racks in the back of a truck.

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Guns are highly collectible, @Dutchess_III.

But more importantly, there seems to be a need to retain a “wild west” mentality where a gun owner might need to grab a gun and shoot a critter at a moment’s notice.

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Only to find out that it was his daughter sneaking in at 3 a.m., @ibstubro.

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