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Do the Klingons want peace or war?

Asked by JLeslie (59843points) November 15th, 2015 from iPhone

I’ve compared Klingons to terrorists. Die with honor and all
of that. Is it part of the appeal of their cause?

I’ll never forget spending time with a friend of mine and her 4 year old son yelling out, “who wants to fight?” He wanted to wrestle. As a woman with no children, and no brothers, that was totally new to me. It never occurred or occurs to me to want to physically fight. Risk physical harm. He didn’t want to hurt anyone, he just wanted to wrestle.

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Klingons want to battle worthy adversaries, not slaughter innocent civilians.

I have known some guys to enjoy bar fights, mostly as a release of aggressive energy, not to beat up on helpless or lesser qualified-to-fight-back persons.

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Klingons are more like Maori of old. There is no honour in terrorism. Klingons have honour and they are a warrior race, like the Maori. They have respect for their adversaries. Terrorists have no respect for life. Not even their own.

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Your discussion of the little boy is at compete odds and I don’t even understand how you have correlated the two subjects.

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Klingons are space vikings, not space terrorists.
They do not want to die by blowing themselves up in a crowd of civilians.
They want to die in battle, against a worthy adversary.
Their honour lies in meeting their enemy face to face.
That is why in planetary warfare, they still insist on using bladed weapons, instead of cowardly using drones, and tanks, and artillery.

Have you ever even watched Star Trek?

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Terrorists have no honor.
Klingons treasure honor.

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@cazzie I know the young boy is not analogous to terrorist, neither are the Klingons as @ragingloli points out, but that joy of physical aggression was new to me. It was cute in the case of the 4 year old. Cute and interesting. He practically was banging his chest.

Dying with honor is a good way to get soldiers to fight. Even in America we utilize it to some extent. Risk your life for the country and you will be held in high esteem. Americans aren’t to the same extreme of course, but they can pretty much feel assured if they die in combat most of the country see it as a great sacrifice that is honorable.

It’s not new. Look at the Kamikaze pilots during WWII. I’m sure there were probably others before that.

@filmfann You don’t think the terrorists feel like they honor their God and their people? That the people around, in their circles, see their death as honorable?

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Boys just like to fight. Whether they turn into assholes about it is a whole other story.

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I don’t know what they want, but they need botox…badly!

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