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Out of all US Presidents, which has had to deal with the most difficult radical groups? Worldwide- what would be your country's answer when applied ?

Asked by msh (4262points) November 15th, 2015 from iPhone

From the first down, different times have had their radical groups. Some, even supported those factions, as being a positive force at the time. Worldwide: Please join- you/yours may have had experience with this type of situation also.
Why/What happened?

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Abraham Lincoln.

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Best answer hands down!

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No more than others-

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Why choose AL. All agree- but offer no reasons. ????

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After Lincoln, I would say Nixon. The SDS and their offshoots, the anti-war protests and police riots, the Black Panthers in the aftermath of the King assassination, after Kent State he had the Weathermen…

Prime minister Aldo Moro in Italy had to deal with the Red Brigades who eventually kidnapped and murdered him after 55 days in captivity in 1978.

Helmut Schmidt, who just died last week, was the Social Democratic prime minister of West Germany from 1974 to 1982 had to deal with various violent leftist militant groups such as the Revolutionary Cells, the 2 June Movement, the Kommun, the Situationists, the Baader-Meinhof Gang which grew into the formidable Red Army Faction, and my favorite—the Socialist Patients’ Kollektiv (SPK)—a violent group of psychiatric patients-for-socialism who lived communally in a house just off the hospital grounds in Heidelburg. Their motto was “Our Illness is Our Weapon!” (raise fist defiantly).

. The militant student groups kidnapped various CEOs and their children, assassinated CEOs, bombed corporate headquarters and US military installations and generally raised hell. Schmidt had his hands full for sure. Not only this, but he had inherited a government rife with functionaries in key places who were former Nazi officials and current East German Stazi spies.

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Um, Abraham Lincoln had to oversee the Civil War beginning one month into his term. Then he got shot in the head.

He wins.

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It goes a great deal further than that. Lincoln had to face down open sedition from more organized groups and cabals than you can shake a stick at. Moreover HIS organized radicals came at him from every direction of the political spectrum. Everyone from his own conspiring generals, organized violent resistance to the draft, the clearly illegal umderground railroad, Copperheads, political theorists, blockade running Southern sympathizes, the list is endless. There really is NO contest in this country, and I have no idea what is meant by “worldwide, what would your country’s answer be when applied?”

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I love y’all! Thank you! :)
FDR keeps coming forth in my head. I don’t have a sound enough basis yet….
I need to time-machine back.

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I’m curious as to why you don’t know most of this.

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I do- but I’m curious as to who YOU believe went through a great deal- not the business as usual, but rather, the radical element of their administration, or reign- if other than president.
Easy guesses- but bare bones- who were the radicals of the time?
@stanleybmanly – think of a lesser know president- say… W.Wilson. His radicals he dealt with were well connected with causing difficulties towards war, and trying to topple dynasties.
Look at LBJ- which radical element- as called at that time, were more potent to go up against? He had his pick of the litters.
Andrew Jackson had some radical elements that, along with his personal losses, caused him to step back and reevaluate his stance on some issues.
Think of all- who faced the most…. ?
It’s a cob-web duster for your mind. The leaders are easy- but the times and challenges…
not as easy.

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True! But nothing stands up to either the magnitude or multitude of “radical” threats confronting Lincoln.

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I’m in Norway so it is hands down the Nazis were the most troublesome. In the USA I would say it was the South was during the civil war so Lincoln had a hard time, did a great job and was thanked in proper Southern style.

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I wonder what Mimishu has to say.

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A tie between Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.
Hitler had to deal with the Stalinist Soviet Union, and Stalin had to deal with Nazi Germany.

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