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If I have a 77% as my current grade and get a 54/54 on my Chapter test what is my current percentage in my class?

Asked by Keenanduey (28points) November 16th, 2015

I need help calculating my grade if I have a 77% and 54/54 on A Chapter test what is my current grade

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Not enough information. We don’t know how the teacher calculates grades (straight line or a curve?). We also don’t know how many other tests and assignments make up the 77%.

So it’s impossible to tell how this will affect your grade without knowing more about how they are figured in the first place.

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89.5% if they are equally weighted.

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Not enough information.
How many chapter tests have you had so far, and are they equally weighted?

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Google weighted averages, also find out if there will be a curve.

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What percentage of your grade do your chapter tests contribute? I had one teacher who only graded tests and quizzes, and another who only made them 30% of the total grade. There’s really not enough information here.

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You don’t tell us if the 77% is based on 154 out of 200, or if it is 1,540 out of 2,000. In the first case, 54/54 would give you a score of 208/254, which would raise your grade to 81.9%.

In the second case, it would give you a total score of 1,594 out of 2,054, which would raise your grade to 77.6%.

If this is in Math class, I suggest you ask your teacher for some help understanding how statistics work, and ho two frame a question on percentages.

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I would assume there would be some weight also given to homework, attendance, no being annoying in class, etc.

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