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What is your impression when someone makes comments, or asks questions, and they end the comment or question with more than one exclamation point or question mark?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42444points) November 17th, 2015

Yesterday I got a message from my DIL that read, “What time do you think we will be eating thanksgiving dinner???”

I kind of got the impression that she was upset over something but it kind of left me scratching my head because I’d left the decision of where and when to her a couple of weeks earlier.

However, in general, she does tend to add additional punctuation marks to most of her comments, even is there is only the smallest bit of emotion involved. Other times she won’t use any punctuation.

Do you know of people who habitually adorn their comments with more than one punctuation mark, and why do you suppose this is, and what are your thoughts when you see it???????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I myself tend to add a couple question marks to most of my questions, maybe I really want to know, or maybe it means nothing at all.

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Is she one of those people? Who say every statement? With an upward inflection? at the end of every sentence? like it’s a question?

Some people just don’t know how to write for context.

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It might express urgency, excitement, anxiety, disbelief, frustration, humor… it all depends on the person and the context.

I texted my husband “Tuesday until the following Wednesday?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” last night because I just found out that he’s going on a work trip and will be gone for over a week. (A) we’ve never been apart that long, (B) I’ll have to take over all that he does for the kids that week, (C) my oldest will also be out of town, (D) I’m feeling a little alone and panicked about it… so it summarized my incredulity and anxiety. He got that.

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First impression: female. I know of no men who do this.

Second impression: Immature. Any more than one is enough.

Third impression: Narcissistic. Wants to draw attention to herself.

Conclusion: not worth reading.

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My suggestion is not to make assumptions about how someone feels or what they mean from a couple of punctuation marks is.

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It suggests exasperation or lack of technical know-how. Like that one friend who only writes in caps.

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^I tell those people to stop shouting.

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Well, @Pachy, she tends to get upset very easily over the smallest of things, which often leaves people mystified. I mean, it was her call, so why was she asking me????????

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I feel like if they were live, in person, they’d be jumping up and down. I also may feel like they don’t know how to write.

I get annoyed when people use a lot of exclamation points. For example, “Kathy, your cake was great!!!” Ridiculous.

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Why do people get annoyed by that? the person was really trying to say how great the cake was.

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I’m just going to jump in to say people who talk in the way @Seek points out need to be beaten about the head & face with a soggy flannel.
Tha…tha…tha…tha…tha…that’s all folks!

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Because @SQUEEKY2, in the example @jca you envision the person jumping up and down and just squealing in delight. You know, like a 5 year old might do when they’re really excited on their birthday, or some ditzy cheerleader going, “OMG!! OMG!!”. It’s undignified and immature. In the case of an adult you can’t tell if they’re even being honest. Maybe they throwthe !!!!! in to cover the fact that, in fact, they hated the cake.

If it’s done when a person is angry, like, ‘I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” You envision pure rage.

I know that I over use exclamation marks. I try to catch myself. But I’m just happy a lot of the time! See??

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I do it with question marks all the time. Just two usually. It’s a hey, this is just a question. I’m not telling you what to do, or what I want, I’m asking a question, or demonstrating how unsure I am and that’s why I’m asking. And, oh, please don’t miss the question, I’d like an answer.

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Yeah, I can see that she was sort of asking like that. But I was kind of left with the impression that she’d been waiting for me to make the decision and was impatient that I hadn’t yet. That’s just how I read it, though.

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@Dutchess_III People constantly take a question as a statement, or accusation, and it’s frustrating, so I am emphasizing it’s a question. Easy example is religious question. Ask an Evangelical Christian why they don’t don’t believe in evolution, and they are sure you are telling them they shouldn’t believe that, or are accusing them of being stupid. I just asked a question. I’m interested in why. That’s it. I actually wouldn’t use two question marks on that question, but my point is people often see mal-intent or try to read between lines when someone is being quite direct. Ironically, you are pointing out that the extra punctuation might cause the overthinking. Lol. Can’t win.

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But the decision was hers to make, not mine.

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I would say obviously she is willing to adjust the time if you have a preference.

If I were you I would say/ask back, “what time were you thinking?” You could add, “do you prefer a late afternoon meal or more around supper time?”

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The thing is, the first decision to be made was whether to home cook or go out. If we home cooked, it would have to be at her house, because it’s the only one big enough for everyone. However, it would put her in the position of hostess, which I don’t think she likes.

On the other hand, she said she likes the traditional thing. She likes cooking in the kitchen. So decision #1 was her call, and she hadn’t told me which she had decided on when she sent the message.

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@Dutchess_III I think just call her and ask her what she is planning and go from there. Doing it in writing is too difficult. If you talk to her you can get a better read by her tone what she wants to do.

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Never seen anything like that here from people I know, but I wouldn’t mind if I did. I’d get a bit annoyed if there were too many question marks in a question directed to me though. It would look like the person is saying: “I ask you that, and you have to answer goddamnit! Quickly! I can’t wait! Aaaagh!”

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A party for 50K is on the way!!!! ;-p

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OMG!!!, @Brian1946! YES!!!!

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We got it figured out via pm. I just had to find out what she had decided to do, which, it turns out, go out to eat.
From there is was fairly easy. We settled on 2 or 3 on Saturday.
It was just touchy because I didn’t want her to feel like I was “taking over,” even though I knew she didn’t want the job.

Where’s 50K????

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Oh shit!! Sure as hell! I better get something to eat before this starts… BRB

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Close to what?

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50,000, goof….Oh you’re there! See you somewhere else soon! Congratulations!

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I just figured it out, because I’ve had a few PM’s about it! Lol. I don’t notice my lurve count most days. I notice how many GA’s on a response, but not my total total

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Means they’re like REALLY wondering. Like, it’s urgent omg.

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Right. Urgent and impatient because no one has told them…but in this case it was her decision…and I hadn’t heard anything from her.

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