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Can you write your frustrations in life as a topic in vignette?

Asked by deymella (1points) November 18th, 2015

I can“t think of any topic to write.

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What about the feeling you get when you’re in an important telephone conversation – maybe on hold, and the low battery sound beeps? You have to get home quickly to plug in. Then you fumble for your keys. And of course someone moved the charger….

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When all is calm and peaceful, you have been running around for hours being busy. You decide to relax and take a 30 minute nap and suddenly the phone rings or someone is at the door! Gee…..of all times!

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I ate right, exercised, avoided drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and still got sick.

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“She thought I didn’t notice when she switched her ring from one finger to the next.”

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You’re trying to make an important call on your cell phone, but you’re in an area where there’s poor coverage or no coverage. It makes you want to take the phone and throw it.

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You have company coming. You decided to go all out and make everything from scratch. Just as you are putting the third ingredient into your cake, you realize that you’re out of eggs. You swear there were eggs in the fridge yesterday, but then your husband, who is supposed to be on a low cholesterol diet tells you he was craving scrambled eggs last night so he used the last two eggs. This was after you went upstairs to catch up on your latest Netflix binge series, so you didn’t know he ate them. So you tell your husband to pay attention to the timer on the roast in the oven, because after the buzzer goes off, the roast needs to be covered with foil, after the first 20 minutes of roasting. You race out the door and get in your car to head to the grocery store. Of course you hit ever red light. All eleven of them. You run into the store, grab a carton of eggs and make your way to the check out line. There are three lines. One of the lines has 4 people with medium sized loads in their carts. One of the lines is an express line, but there are 7 people in that line. The third line has only 2 people in it with fairly small loads in their carts. You get in that line. The first person is rung up and leaves. When the second person gets to the cashier, it turns out that one of the items on the conveyor belt does not have a price on it. By the time the cashier has scanned the item three times, and sent an employee to get a price check on the offending item, the first line of 4 people has already been checked out, but now that line has 5 more people in it. The express line now has 12 people in it. Finally you get checked out, you rush out to get into your car and there is an employee pushing a load of carts across the parking lot, blocking you from getting to your car. When you finally get to your car, you reach into your purse for your keys and you drop them on the ground. You get your car started and start to back up when you notice that a woman and three screaming children, one of whom is a toddler hanging off the side of her cart, are directly behind your car, blocking your exit. And on and on and on.

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@Kardamom Thanks, now I have high blood pressure.

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