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Can you help me with questions my daughter has about leather coats?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32719points) November 18th, 2015

My daughter is a college student in New York City, and she wants a leather coat. She specifically asked me what brands are good ones. I only know enough about leather coats to say that you should never buy a cheap one. I explained I bought one for myself years ago at Eddie Bauer because it’s a retailer I trust. I am always satisfied with the quality of their products.

I do not know what length (half, three-quarters, or full length) she wants. I’m waiting on an answer to that question.

She’s been shopping at some of the higher-end consignment shops in Manhattan and has seen some things she thought looked OK.

I do not know if she wants it to be fully insulated or simply lined. I’ve asked for clarification

She’s mostly concerned with quality, and she’s a student, so price is a concern.

Any information is helpful.

Has it been a long autumn? Why does everyone seem to be in the market for a new coat today?

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I don’t really think it is about the brand in leather coats, I think it is about the quality of the leather and the construction. You can usually get a good “feel” for leather – the suppleness, the lack of cracking, the evenness of the stain. Check that it is fully lined and that the stitching is small and even. Italian leather coats are often good quality.

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At least for guys, leather coats are timeless. Over the years I bought 2 at thrift shops. I had them cleaned professionally and they are still beautiful.
I’m guessing consignment shops in Manhattan are waaaay more expensive.

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I like camel leather. It is so soft and supple.
I would agree that the expensive shops are not always the best. Also I would concur that checking the stitching, small, tight, even stitches, no misplaced loops, no loose ends, is your best go to.
Metal embellishments don’t work well with leather, and should be kept to a minimum.

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It’s been years since I’ve lived in Nyc but Bloomingdales was one of the higher end stores that sold excellent quality products. Quite a bit on the pricey side by I never found anything below quality. Macys in NYC also has great stuff but go to the Macys in Manhattan. The ones on the outskirt don’t necessarily sell high end. Well maybe up by Yonkers they will.
Any of those chains should have sales professional that know about the different qualities.

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