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Are there any Web services available for free to retrieve the definitions of words?

Asked by evanchaney (34points) July 23rd, 2008

I’m considering building an application and need to be able to define a given word. I want the data store to be thorough (think Google definitions) and constantly updated. Looking at making calls to a Web service to accomplish this.

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Do those sites have Web service APIs?

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No clue, sorry. Maybe someone else knows. Welcome to fluther anyhow.

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Why not just use Dappper ?
It’ll fetch the definitions from websites such as and display it in any form you want

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I remember in college someone had written a simple scraper.

You could definitely use wordnet.

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You might give a try, I Think it is GREAT!

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I also suggest wordnet – there is also at least one library for each popular language to interface with it.

Alternatively, you could scrape’s dictionary which also happens to use wordnet as one of its sources.

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You might like FreeDict. I also might just have seen that UrbanDictionary has an API.

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