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Why hasn't the pharmaceutical industry devised concoctions to control or "cure" love?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22384points) November 19th, 2015 from iPhone

I mean the “condition” rages on at epidemic proportions, and not a single vaccine, cure or even regulating tonic is blaring from my tv. The horrors of the required side effects warnings alone would guarantee spellbinding attention to commercials,

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They have. There are just no commercials.

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I truly hope there is never a cure for love.

Love is what makes it all work. It takes much more courage and strength of character to love than it does to hate. Hate is empty; love is full.

I love chocolate, too. Don’t touch my chocolate, or I might reconsider my stance on hate.

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Wait a minute penguin! That soft porn parade of pretty boys accompanying the Cohen sountrack does nothing for me. In fact, it’s about as close to a cure as a hot babe inclined old fool can imagine.

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@stanleybmanly So maybe we have found the cure for love? Leonard Cohen and softcore porn.

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@janbb I miss our matching attire. I know you switched outfits to spite me. You know how old people hate and resist change! Never mind. Dress and disguise yourself as you wish. I will always spot the evil penguin lurking beneath the thin veneer.

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@janbb though it’s comforting to see the familiar villain, I made the mistake of not getting a good luck at the other abomination. Will it return long enough for me to criticize and complain about? Another endearing trait of the elderly is that we’re impossible to please!

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Ever heard of viagra?

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@stanleybmanly – No fair overselling the link. I mean, Kevin Bacon is pretty and all, but a slowly moving picture of a clothed Kevin Bacon cannot be called porn.

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@stanleybmanly The cat is back for your viewing. It’s actually a painting I did of Milo and sent to Gail. (But Pengy will return shortly – and waddling.)

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@Seek “overselling” I’m still chuckling at the thought of women (and more than a few men) rushing to check out the pretty boys. I thought myself bad mouthing the syrupy fluff.

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@janbb I couldn’t quite make out what your new avatar was. On my screen, it looks like a kitty with sunglasses. Thanks for the clarification. And thanks for doing it twice. You’re a comfort to my declining years!

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@ragingloli of course I’ve heard of it. But that warning at the end of those commercials about the endless number of possible consequences from playing with the stuff…... The phrase “4 hour erection” just plays in my head on a closed loop at the mention of the stuff. Is It Cathy Griffin who said “If a dose of viagra gives you a 4 hour erection, ignore the warning about seeking medical attention. You come see me!”

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No. It’s Amy Schumer, one of the funniest people alive.

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