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Is Mary Kay make up worth the extra expense? Face beauty tips.. please share...

Asked by LadyInRedd (192points) November 19th, 2015

I am a middle aged woman.. sometimes looking in the mirror.. I can hear the words to Aerosmith’s “dream on” playing in the background…. “all these lines on my face getting clearer, the past is gone”...

I always purchased cheap make up, lowest cost I could find…it served me well over the years…. getting older.. I am caring more to capture the best face I can.. to treat my skin the healthiest it can be treated.. (I do use oil of olay)... and apply the finest make up… some things are worth it..

So I seek your beauty tips / advice on make up.. brands.. ..please share…

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I am a retired drag queen, and I know my way around the cosmetics area of Macy’s. When I wore makeup, I chose the type depending on the venue of the performance. If I knew there would be harsh, professional theatrical lights, I wore theatrical makeup. I liked Ben Nye.

If I was performing in a bar with low lights, I wore makeup that was as close to pure pigments as I could get. I have forgotten the brands. I wanted as few chemicals as I could obtain. I remember buying some brands from Target.

I have never used Mary Kay. I suggest reading the list of ingredients in the things you use, and then you can search Google for any information there may be about those ingredients.

I hope someone with direct knowledge of Mary Kay cosmetics will come along.

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If you are looking more for everyday make-up (as opposed to stage make-up), I prefer Bobbi Brown. I like how subtle it is. Skin product-wise, I also like Neutrogena.

I am also a fan of natural materials. I once read, “Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat” and I thought that, yeah, that makes a lot of sense. So I use natural, virgin coconut oil for the hands and feet.

The Chinese believe that to achieve a healthy glow you can’t only rely on stuff you put on the outside, but also from the inside. So eating well, exercising well (qigong and making love are two things that can really get you a healthy glow) also really make a difference. So you can also consider treating yourself with really healthy organic produce too.

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Save your money, and that is a great Aerosmith song btw. haha
I’m 56 in a few weeks, and the key, at this stage of the game, is good rest , hydration, watch your salt intake for those lovely puffy morning eyes. manage any allergies and do NOT waste your cash on expensive products. It is all genetic and internal anyway. It’s about the inner glow these days.

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I think of Mary Kay as being overpriced crap.

What do I use? I use L’Oreal.

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^^^ Me too!

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I used Mary Kay for several years and liked it a lot. Especially the skin care. Now I use Principal Secret Reclaim skin care and really like it. I use Bare Minerals if I wear makeup and mascara. Oh, and Dermal K really works! I no longer have broken capillaries.

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L’Oreal still test cosmetics on lab animals. All products. Cruelly horrid people. You never want to see pictures of those poor babies.
If you can’t live without, whatever, but then consider penning a letter or five to Loreal -telling them to stop these totally unnecessary practices. You may also want to include telling them that they are comparable to a dead horse’s arse.
But it’s up to you…
Oh- and “not testing in their labs” = but our foreign companies still do!
Always check the ethic practices of any of the cosmetic companies. They usually suck big time!
Ah, beauty.

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~Make that the ‘ethical’ practices…Of companies who are comparable to a dead horse’s arse!~
My apologies!

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Thank you all.. many of the companies you have mentioned. I never even heard of… Demeral K. Principle Secret Reclaim, Bobbi Brown, Bey Nye.. I like to read reviews on Amazon too.. I will have to look some of these up!.

Yeah @Coloma I so understand.. I like to save money !! Truth is.. I just don’t like getting older.. I feel great so far.. just turned 49.. no health issues.. .but still It’d be nice to look as young as we can..

@lifeflame Good advice !!

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I think Mary Kay is good stuff. If you have a friend who sells it, they might give you a slight discount. You just use a dab… so the face wash and moisturizing cream lasted me over a year. Given the lifespan, I think it was a bargain. I still have the eyeshadow… I don’t think I’ll ever use it all up (I don’t use eyeshadow much).

I personally stick with organic products now, so I’m not up on their ingredients or prices.

Go to a Mary Kay party. Maybe you’ll walk away with a free prize.

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@msh L ‘Oreal has not tested their products on animals since March of 2013.'oreal-answers/the-question-of-animal-testing

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@LadyInRedd Yes but aging is inevitable, best to just do your best and accept it, it’s only going to get worse from here. I’m okay with my physical looks but man, the worsening allergies and aches and pains are what piss me off. My face is the least of my worries I just want to be able to jump out of bed and feel like I did at 16. lol
The far side of menopause really ramps things up, estrogen is the fountain of youth no doubt.

I felt great until about 53 but the last couple years I am really feeling my age. haha

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I’m also middle aged. I enjoy Yonique make up, even though it’s marketed for younger women. If you have a lot of age spots you might want to try Derma Blend. It won’t fill the cracks but it will cover the spots. Speaking of filling the cracks, you probably want to use a good primer under your make-up. it will fill in some of the fine lines and make them not as visible after you put your foundation on.
When I was younger I enjoyed Mary Kay’s salicylic acid toner. It helped keep my acne down. Now that I’m older I need something stronger. I use Peter Thomas Roth 10% Glycolic Tonor.

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