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How do I find forks (not entire place settings)?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28832points) November 21st, 2015

I’m not sure how this happens, but the fork ghost has arrived.

I have all of the spoons, knives, serving implements… but somehow I don’t have all my forks. Who knows – possibly some of them were thrown in the trash by mistake…

Anyway – is it possible to find stainless steel forks (only)? Or do you have to buy a 5-piece set? I’m not all that worried about matching the pattern I have—I know it is no longer manufactured.

Where would I look?

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I know you can get just forks (or just spoons, or just knives) at Target because I’ve had to do it myself in the past.

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Here is one option. They have several patterns available at the same price.

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Get thee to Goodwill ! You can buy single pieces or sets for almost nothing! They wash just fine in the dishwasher.
You can often find old sets that people donated when cleaning out Grandma’s house. They are always perfect.

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Any thrift shop will have great old silver forks or any types of utensils.

If you are fussy and you want new stuff, go to Walmart. Target, as was suggested above, is another option. You can buy packs of six or whatever.

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@LuckyGuy – there’s a goodwill about 5 minutes from my house. I’ll go there first. Thanks.

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Yep I was gonna say thrift store, too. Also, check convenience stores.

I say that cause something funny happened to me not too long ago. I was looking for another kitchen utensil, the pounder (the thing that flattens stuff). First I checked thrift stores. No luck. Thrift stores here in Boston suck. Then I checked target and they didn’t have it. Finally, I went to Shaw’s and found one, but it was $16! I said forget it ill just use my fists or something. As I was going home, I stopped to get eggs at a local convenience store. I decided to ask if they had any utensils. Turns out they did, all in these shoe boxes. Everything was individual with orange price tags. I found the perfect flattener for only $3. I was so happy. It works great.

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Another vote for thrift store. My Goodwill has boxes of utensils.

You can also buy individual utensils at The Dollar Tree, but they probably aren’t cheaper than a thrift, and you may ‘get what you pay for’.

Tenderizer, @dxs. If it’s chicken I just put it in a cheap plastic bag and use the rolling pin to flatten. My olive oil bottle is also currently conducive to pounding. Marble rolling pins (no handles, just the marble cylinder) are great for all sorts of things,

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I found my pattern on eBay. Just wanted 6 soup spoons. Stainless also and pattern not made anymore.Very happy with selection and price.

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Thrift and secondhand stores are good places. Also, you could try matching the pattern online if it was a decent set when you bought it.

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target sells singles for under a buck a piece.

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Walmart. Unless you are one of those people who are too good to shop there.

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I believe Pier one sells them individually sometimes. I found this. They have a plain style for 1.95.

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Followup – I went to the Goodwill store this morning. Curiously, they didn’t have loose silverware, which is what was expecting.

They did have full sets of 8×5 pieces, in a plastic silverware carrier, all wrapped up saran wrap so it didn’t get separated. Cost for the set: $10.51.

So what I’ll do is take out the forks, run them through the dishwasher, and put them in my drawer. The stuff I don’t immediately need (spoons, knives) I’ll either put in the garage – because at some point I’ll need them – or in the bottom of a cupboard.

Bottom line: Goodwill was absolutely the right place to go.

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I looked at my Goodwill today, @elbanditoroso, and they have tons of loose silverware. I couldn’t find a price, but even at 50ยข each you did well.

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Check eBay, and you might even find the forks from the same set as yours. My sister supplements part of her income by scoping out all of the Goodwill and Salvation Army shops in her area, buying up what she knows to be deeply underpriced, and then advertising on eBay. You might even end up buying what you want from her.

Edit: Or not, now that I read your follow-up. Maybe I should put you in touch with her, and she can buy up what you don’t want.

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