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What's the best bleu cheese dressing?

Asked by Jeruba (50688points) November 21st, 2015

I thought some bleu cheese would go nicely on a side salad of baby spinach, spring greens, and seedless red grapes. My husband brought home a jar of Bob’s. It looked good, but it didn’t taste like anything: just creamy, without that tangy bite.

Do you have a brand that you would recommend?

And do you have any helpful suggestions for the remainder of the blah 16 ounces of Bob’s other than just pitching it out?

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I can’t help you with the first part, I’m more of the “put the crumbled blue in the salad with a drizzle of balsamic” type.
As to what to do with the leftovers, maybe as a gentle sauce for pasta?

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I make my blue cheese dressing from scratch. I take a wedge of bleu cheese (if you really want to go all out, get a wedge of roquefort from Trader Joe’s), crumble about 4 oz.into a bowl. Mix with equal parts (½ c. of each) sour cream and mayonnaise. Add a little pepper if you want it (you won’t need salt with the bleu cheese). I also like to add some fresh chopped chives.

To fix up you Bob’s, crumble in some bleu cheese and let stand in the frig. an hour before using. That should improve it some.

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Wishbone. I watched a video taste test, and they rated Wishbone better than any of the refrigerated brands or homemade (although that’s too subjective to believe.)
They seemed to thing it was important to have vegetable over canola oil, and no sugar, so check the ingredient panel.

Fix Bob by adding crumbled Blue and putting it back in the fridge. Maybe a squeeze of lemon?
Or it would be a nice base for a pasta salad.

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Marie’s Chunky Blue Cheese dressing.

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Don’t throw it out!!! Buy some crumbly bleu cheese and mix it in! It will be delicious!

I am also a Marie’s Chunky Blue Cheese dressing man, @Tropical_Willie .

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I love Simply Dressed light blue cheese dressing by marzetti. They also have a full fat version, but I’ve never tasted it, because I like the light so much.

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I think my husband thought that what he was getting was like Marie’s. Same kind of jar. I guess I’ll try amending it as several have suggested. Thanks very much.

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Just to follow up: I bought some crumbled bleu cheese. And sure enough, adding bleu cheese to the bleu cheese dressing makes it taste more like bleu cheese. Good call, guys.

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