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I like him... He likes me.. But It's awkward when we try to talk?

Asked by Melody12234 (98points) November 21st, 2015

We both just recently found out we like eachother.. But, it’s so awkward when we talk..! Not only that.. We can barely look at eachother anymore.. We used to be like brother and sister but now, it’s like whenever we see eachother we have to avert our eyes or something to that effect and if we do try talking he walks up to me inside our highschool and asks smiling awkwardly “Um…. H-how’s the weather…?” which I return with.. “The weather is.. GREAT in here….~” (And then we both start laughing nervously and end our conversation)

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It gets better, believe me. You’ll both be super nervous and awkward at first but the only way to get over that phase is to keep talking. Eventually you’ll both get comfortable with eachother and it’ll be fine. Just takes some time and effort. Good luck with him!

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Just spend more time together. It will keep getting better. Try talking about books, movies, music (instead of the weather).

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This is so cute! You should ask him if he lives around here often.

You guys will be fine. :)

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