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Was Libya better off under Gaddafi despite him being a dictator?

Asked by Morocco (189points) November 21st, 2015


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Well he gave Dr. Emmitt Brown plutonium.~ Also we don’t do homework questions without you doing most of the work. Lybia is worse off in the short term but will lead to democracy in the long run hopefully.

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People would be more likely to help if you participated in the community beyond posting your homework questions.

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Post your email address and I’ll fax an essay to you. ;-p

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Well WE were better off. And most Libyans nowadays yearn for the “good old days” when Muammar ruled with an iron fist. Even in hell the residents prefer stability to chaos.

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Do your teachers know that you are asking other people to do your homework for you? Do you realize that not doing your own homework is considered cheating?

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