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For those of you who hate "political correctness", how much do you love 4chan?

Asked by ragingloli (52058points) November 22nd, 2015

It is, after all, the perfect example of a place with zero political correctness.
And if you do not like 4chan, are you aware of your hypocrisy?

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I have been staring at this question from every angle possible and it makes absolutely no sense in how you are trying to connect “political correctness” as hypocritical when compared to 4chan which is a board where you post anime and other crap anonymously. When a person says something that PC or not PC they do so usually as a real person and can thusly be held accountable for their PC or non PC comments. Post crap anonymously at a place like 4chan or even here for that matter allows said person to say or post whatever the hell they want with zero accountability. How is PC hypocritical in comparison to 4chan??? I just don’t get it.

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^ TJAM has never spent much time on /b/, I bet.

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This is up now. I didn’t even have to scroll past too many hidden shower camera threads and “wincest” threads to find it.

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@Seek The 2 seconds I spent there was all I needed to see that anyone can smash sacred cows all day long anonymously and never be held accountable for being PC or not? Sorry but I fail to see the connection between being PC and thus being hypocritical over posting at 4chan. Maybe you can enlighten me.

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Let’s revisit the question:

For those of you who hate “political correctness”, how much do you love 4chan?

Meaning, all the people who fawn over the GOP’s shit-vomiting crazy train would fit right in at /b/.

Of course, the GOP didn’t like 4Chan very much when they went after Sarah Palin‘s emails.

Maybe being “not-PC” is okay only when you’re pro-WASE (E for Evangelical) and anti-everyone else.

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I’ve never been to whatever 4chan is but… sounds like some serious I also hate the over-use of political correctness.

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Rules 1 & 2, guys

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Political correctness is like a polished turd. If refusing to pretend it’s a jewel makes me a hypocrite in some convoluted way then so be it. It is possible to blast P.C. nonsense and not be a bigot, it’s called….Reality

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I hate political correctness, I love non-pc comedians. I’ve never wasted time on 4chan.

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@Seek Thanks for putting your spin on the question…
“who hate “political correctness”, how much do you love 4chan?”
For the record I abhor both PC and anonymous bullshit spewed on hack sites like 4chan. If you got something to say…put your name on it and own it instead of hiding like a coward behind an anonymous persona.

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Funny for a person whose screen name is not his legal name.

And that was not a spin, that was an exact copy/paste.

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@Seek You as well as I have exposed more than a little bit of who we are and what is near and dear to our hearts in real life here so I would never insinuate that you hide behind your Spock avatar and IMO is what separates you and I from PC and the ghosts at 4chan…no hypocrisy insinuated.

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What the hell is 4chan? Sounds like a computer language to me.

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It’s a website for white boys who can’t get laid to complain about how women are bitches.


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LOL! That’s funny!

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A meeting place for racists, misogynists, conservatives and other assorted deviants

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