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Sunday fun question: If you turned on the kitchen faucet and instantly discovered that someone had taped the handle of the sprayer down and positioned it just so, so that water would nail you in the face, what is the first name you would yell?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42438points) November 22nd, 2015

I would yell CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is my son and I love him very much.

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Wouldn’t be a name, it would be “WHAT THE HELL?”

Then I’d think it was my dad because he’s the most prankstery in the family, other than myself lol.

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I would not yell. My dad used to shout whenever things like that happened – drinks getting knocked over, cake falling off plates, etc. I calmly fetch dish towels and clean up.

As to whom I would suspect – I don’t know. I’m the one most likely to play pranks, in my family. I’d strongly suspect my best friend if he was around, and other that that, maybe one of my sisters.

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I only live with one person, my 8 year old daughter. I dont’ think she would do something like that, and I don’t think she has the knowledge to do something like that, but if it happened, it would have to be her, unless it was a ghost haha.

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Don’t you hate that @longgone? That behavior sets up so much pointless and unnecessary stress and anger, both within that person, and the people around them. :(

Oh, my son….he has always been a prankster. I guess his most memorable one was when he unscrewed the hand of one of two mannequins that used to sit outside of this one bar downtown, and brought it home.
I get home from work, and there is this HAND on my coffee table! “CHRIS!!!!”
Over the next two weeks that damn hand showed up all over…in the silverware drawer, on my pillow, in the bathtub! “CHRIS!!!!”
I kept telling him he needed to take it back because the mannequin couldn’t pretend to drink beer without his hand.
After those two weeks he did.
Chris was mischievous but never mean or destructive.

Oh…after the sprayer thing, that night he found that someone had short sheeted his bed and put cornflakes in it. Muhaaaahaaa :D

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Hahaha, I used to do that to my mother all the time.

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@Dutchess_III Yes. Utterly pointless, and I did hate it. I do love pranks, though.

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No names but most likely a rousing “WTF!” lol

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It could have been anyone in this house. Any one of them is likely to pull such a thing.

I used to have a male cat who, after a rogue tomcat accessed the house, started spraying. One day, I was sitting at my desk, totally focused and writing away, when suddenly I felt this liquid spray on my legs. I jumped up shouting the cat’s name. I seriously thought he’d backed up to my legs and peed on me. Then I heard giggling. I looked over my desk to find my daughters lying on the floor with a spray bottle. I couldn’t help but laugh along with them. They got me good!

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I think I would probably laugh hysterically, which usually draws the culprit out of cover. Then the good ol’ short sheets and cornflakes. Or a great favorite in the service was to Saran Wrap someone to their bunk. Then Tickling.

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I would assume my mother in law did it trying to “fix” something.

The immediate yell would be “GODDAMMIT DEBBIE.”

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Or something of that ilk

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“Jesus Christ!” for a name. For a regular statement, it could be a number of unrepeatable things.

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Probably wouldn’t be a name. It’d most likely be “Son of a fucker!”, which isn’t really okay since I live with a 12-year-old.

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To be really honest, I myself would probably be the culprit and forgot and got myself.

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I’d call on my friend %&@#.

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Someone who was completely new to me. My family doesn’t do stuff like that and the one pair of college friends I had who loved doing stuff like that even once said to me they would never do anything to me, because they know I wouldn’t find it funny.

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@JLeslie: Yes, I definitely don’t find things like that funny, either. People throwing food at each other and things like that, I don’t find funny, either. I went to a party this past summer where the adults started throwing cake at each other. Not all the adults, but a few. I stayed away and was thinking I hope they don’t think I’m going to engage in that bullshit.

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@jca I’d be hiding out with you until it was all over.

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The thought of cake and icing my hair and clothes, oh, the horrors!

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My potty mouth would come out with a loud “F-word ME!” Then I would listen for the giggles of my 11 year old and yell his name and make him help wipe it up.

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Throwing food? Ick.

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@Dutchess_III I’m with ya there! I ain’t cleaning that! No sirree!

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