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Does RadioShack (the Source) still require that customers register before buying anything?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18836points) November 22nd, 2015

Or did they stop the practice of IDing all customers?

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No, not anymore. I found it annoying also.

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Nope, but why would you go there anymore anyway?

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I thought they went out of business.

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They’re still RadioShack just not the same, but there is a RadioShack.

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Apparently not, @RedDeerGuy1

Radioshack was the place I would go to for electronics and electronic advice, before the internet. Out of maybe 15 visits in my lifetime? I was probably happy with the outcome 3 times. They invented the wonky geek that held so many options that “Do you have a cord for this?” was somewhere between multiple choice and a doctoral dissertation.

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According to Wikipedia, it’s basically a front to sell Sprint cellular products.

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