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What would it take to get you to abandon your home, and then your country?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) November 23rd, 2015

Under what circumstance could you be a “refugee”?

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Maybe the thought of every second we could be tortured, killed , Mrs Squeeky could be raped, with no security or protection, the thought of any future seems impossible.
Yeah would have no choice but get the hell out.

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I would most likely make that momentous decision with others in my group (family, friends, neighbors). We’d have to decide what our chances would be if we stayed vs. what our chances would be if we left.

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My home is safe, protects me from the elements, and all my things are there. It would have to seem like I had better chances outside. If there are bombings, daily street violence, disappearances, or unreliable food supplies, then your home can’t keep you safe.

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Obviously Haleth’s answer is the right one. The trouble is that your home and country are so fundamental to your being that the decision to abandon them is nearly always made too late.

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If people were rounding up the Jews again. Bombs being dropped on my city. Total chaos in my city with raping and pillaging.

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The German Jews are just the example I’m talking about. It’s nearly always unlikely to see it coming, and when it arrives you don’t want to believe it.

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^^I’m sure I would be in denial at first. Hopefully, the denial wouldn’t last too long that I wind up dead.

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A bus ticket.

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I’m ready now.

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A major earthquake and volcanic eruption with a nuclear attack and a gigantic asteroid hitting the Earth.

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If they ever take away property rights, freedom of speech, 2nd amendment rights, open elections, fair work practices. If people vanish in the night, food is unaffordable and everything you say or do is punishable without due process…I’ll basically just vanish into the wilderness because at that point it’ll be near slavery. there is nowhere civilized to run to anymore

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I’ll leave as soon as climate change gives Canada warm climate with long summers. I’d love to defect to the north, but I just can’t tolerate brutal winters and 5 minutes of summertime.

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A Republican sweep of the 2016 election. If they control both halves of Congress and the White House though, I don;t think anywhere on this planet will be safe.

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My home – a lot. It’s my safe haven from the rest of society. So probably war or an extremely unsafe outside environment.

My country? Not much at all. America really pisses me off in a lot of ways. If I could move anywhere I wanted right now, it would probably be outside of this country.

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Involuntarily? Probably death. I’m very hardheaded and would likely stand and fight.

Voluntarily? A plane ticket and an unmortgaged home in Guam.

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Living here in Texas, I give it consideration on a regular basis mainly because of BS like that spewed by Representative Tony Dale.

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Yeah, you have a lot of loose cannons in Texas, @rojo. A lot of really proud stupidity.

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