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Does anybody want to buy other people's Lurve?

Asked by timothykinney (2743points) July 23rd, 2008

I think Fluther is nearly as mature a technology as ebay and World of Warcraft. Therefore, I think it’s time to initiate the inevitable connection from virtual lurve economy to real economy. This is especially important during a recession.

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You are such a weirdo, Tim. Who wants to bet me the mods delete this thread?

and shouldn’t you be doing some kind of work right now?


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I think some of our favorite friends will have enough money selling their lurve to throw a huge party :)

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You can’t buy and sell lurve. Blasphemous capitalist! :)

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I think you need to ask yourself why everything is for sale in your world, tk. How sad. Are you worried that buying it is the only way you will get lurve?

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I’ll sell you mine for $1 per point! Take it or leave it!

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marina, no, he’s not. the first question he wrote was “does anybody want to buy my lurve, but the mods removed it (just like i said they would in my first answer), but they let him change it to this question instead.

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@La_chica_gomela Ah. Thanks for the clarification. Sometimes the mods move so swiftly I can’t follow!

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yeah, according to fluther’s little “asked….this long ago” i had written my comment 45 seconds after he asked the question, and he said he didn’t see the comment before he got the email about it being removed.

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u can earn lurve but u cant buy it or sell it

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@beowolf8379, That’s so true! Great Answer!

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Dont buy from Bulbatron. I’ll give you mine at a discounted price of 75cents a point.

Seriously though. Why the hell would one want to buy lurve?

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If I sold my lurve would that make me a high priced whore?

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I think that would be prostituvtion.

Besides, didn’t Lennon sing, “Can’t buy me lurve”?

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No way!
Then, you can’t decipher good answerers/seniors between 1-answer noobs. No No No

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