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Creamy or chunky?

Asked by marinelife (62445points) November 23rd, 2015

I just made the huge shopping mistake of picking up a chunky peanut butter when I was reaching for another jar of creamy.

How does chunky even exist?

Does anyone prefer it? If so, why?

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I prefer Nutella.

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I do because I like crunchy nuts.

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Yeah, sorry, @marinelife, I prefer it, too. I like the crunchy aspect.

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It wouldn’t be available if lots of people did not buy it.

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I love crunchy peanut butter, I kinda thought the creamy stuff was mainly for baking.

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Chunky / crunchy for me.

Creamy peanut butter is like kissing your sister – may taste OK, but it isn’t ever going to satisfy your needs.

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My wife prefers chunky.
I prefer creamy.

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Chunky since I was 8 or 9. Use to make peanut butter sandwiches with wild combos while visiting my uncle. Like Onions slices and lettuce on rye; it has to be chunky peanut butter.

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The word chunky makes me weirdly nauseous for some reason.

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I prefer creamy. I won’t even eat chunky.

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I love nuts and will add them to many things. I like things with texture like chunky applesauce. I like chunky peanut butter. I add nuts to yogurt, cookie dough, oatmeal, too many things to name.

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chunky is better

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Market Basket has extra chunky. I get that. It’s closest to actual peanuts, but still spreadable.

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I prefer creamy, but, once in a while you feel like a nut.
I only buy creamy, but if I got a jar of chunky accidentally? I wouldn’t cry.

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I like pbutt the same way I like women- chunky!

It seems that chunky has more fiber and unlike creamy, it doesn’t stick to the roof of my mouth.

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How can chunky have more fiber? All peanut butter is made from peanuts. The only difference with chunky is that it spends less time being ground/blended than the creamy. It’s still the same peanuts and they have as much fiber as peanuts have (regardless of what form they’re found in)

But I prefer creamy and preferably made without added salt or sugar as so many brands do nowadays.

There are still a few places where they’ll grind it for you on the spot. Or if you have a Vitamix, you can do your own.

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I love the chunky peanut butter better, because it’s got crunchy nuts. I am one of those people who adds nuts to all sorts of things, including salad (which is fairly common) and quesadillas (which is not).

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Of course there are people who prefer it. There always have been. This is why the 2 varieties have been around forever. I suspect the majority of us prefer whichever of the 2 appeared in the household when we were growing up, I’m happy with either, but given the choice will grab the chunky.

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I usually have both in the house and make my choice on a whim while looking into the pantry.

Sometimes you just like it a little rougher.

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@Buttonstc: Probably because even if you chew the nuts up really well, they’re still “bulky” in your gut, as opposed to creamy and fluid.

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@filmfann So does one of you have to suffer or do you keep jars of both?

@most OK, OK, so there is a place in the universe for chunky, just not in my gullet.

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I like both. With jam, I prefer creamy, but when I eat it with Nutella or on its own, I like the one with texture.

I love the crunchiness of Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream. Best chocolate spread ever.

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Easy solution to your problem, @marinelife.

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I’ve developed a liking for Trader Joe’s chunky almond butter on toasted English muffins. Jam or marmalade on top and it’s perfection!

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@stanleybmanly I like Trader Joe’s almond butter too, but no surprise, I prefer creamy.

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I love the chunky style with celery! Yummy!

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Good research, @ibstubro. I knew I liked the chunky for a reason!

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How interesting ! Thanks for the info.

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Enquiring minds, and all.

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If you guys ever want to try something a little more decadent, give this Barney Butter a try. It’s almond butter with cocoa and coconut. One of the best things I’ve ever tasted. It might be a little weird with jelly, but it’s great on Triscuits.

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@marinelife We keep jars of each.

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Here’s the “butter” I like most. And I would eat it in either creamy or crunchy :)

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