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How do you feel about me, me, me road hogs?

Asked by marinelife (62445points) November 24th, 2015

I was driving in the left lane of a four-lane road. A woman in the right lane was stopped dead signalling for a left-hand turn. She then cut across in front of me and pulled her big old SUV right across my lane blocking my forward progress while she sat waiting to get clear to pull into the traffic lanes going the other direction.

It just struck me as so wrong. So she had decided she was going the wrong way. She stopped dead, blocking first one lane (the right) and then the other (the left), because she felt she was more important than anyone else on the road going anywhere.

Would you do that? Do you honk at people who do stuff like that?

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They should have that as their horn tone, me…me…me…me…me…

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Driving on the road these days is no longer a joy ride and has become an all out defensive driving war with A…A…A-holes texting while driving.

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I am positive there is a much better way to do what she did… But would I get annoyed?

Honestly, no. there are a lot worse drivers on the road than what you described.

The ones on the road that annoy me are the ones that a) drive without their lights on (even during the day) or B) speed. On country roads, like where i live, both are recipes for disaster.

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A s trucker who has been at it for over twenty years now, I expect people to do something incredibly stupid in front of me, and you know what? they have never let me down yet.
I have seen things that would freeze your blood.
You would wonder how, how has the human race come so far when we are this fucking stupid when we drive type thing.
I get the feeling that people feel that the rules of the road are for everyone BUT them because they are special.

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Oh and as how I feel about them ,well for now I guess it is still illegal to run them down, but if that ever stops being illegal then watch out, because I come across at least a dozen drivers per day that should be run over ,that is how I fell about the me,me,me road hogs.

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I would give her the big honk.

If I were her, I would have probably gone straight and then turned around safely the next chance possible, or if it was an “only” lane and she had to turn right, I would have turned right and then turned around and gone straight.

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I’m sort of with @SQUEEKY2 here. Not a damn thing I can do about those idiots. Honking the horn is useless; they are oblivious to what they’re doing.

And it’s not worth getting angry – you’ll never see them again. They’re not worth the effort.

Better that you keep the music on, and don’t let it bother you.

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People are just stupid. Most of our residential intersections don’t have stop signs. If I see a car coming I stop. And I just hate it when they stop too! I’m already stopped! Go on through! don’t waste my time, and yours,by taking the time to stop too, and then start playing that “Wave you on through” idiotic game.

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I was taught to always anticipate and be ready for other drivers to do something unexpected and dangerous at all times, and in practice this has been good advice.

I’ve avoided many many potential accidents by being generally ready for crazy things to suddenly happen, for whatever reason.

Selfish and inconsiderate drivers are common, as are unaware ones, aggressive ones, and so on. I try to look for signs and give suspicious drivers more room and try to avoid being where a sudden crazy move would be dangerous for me. I also try not to rely on even the normal-seeming drivers not suddenly veering in a random direction or stopping.

The case you described would probably just have me chuckle, rather than get mad. I only honk when I think it’s going to helpfully get someone’s attention… if I thought the person would benefit from a little beep, I might.

I’ve done some somewhat inconsiderate and reckless things sometimes, and been unaware and aggressive some times, though I try not to. If I was going to do a wild turn-around across multiple lanes, I would only do it if I could do it when I wouldn’t be in the way of any other cars, and when no police or traffic cameras seemed to be around, so I wouldn’t do what that driver did unless there was no traffic.

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I feel like although honking is not going to make her change her actions, it’s going to make her realize that other drivers are not happy, and it might make her a little more miserable. If that’s the least I can accomplish, then honking is worth it, in my opinion.

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@SQUEEKY2 My husband, often at times like these, bemoans the fact that he doesn’t have a Bradley fighting vehicle for running them over.

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1) Be cautious and drive defensively.

2) Get out of the way of crazy drivers; just let them go. When they speed ahead, they’re moving away from you and out of your life. That’s one fewer problem for you.

3) It’s ok to use your horn for safety purposes – that’s why you have it – but don’t lean on the thing. Don’t yell at other drivers, make angry gestures, or do something stupid to retaliate. You won’t teach anyone a lesson, but you will escalate road rate and put yourself in danger.

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@marinelife t and g are very close on the keyboard so a very easy mistake.

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No, I would never do anything like that. The miles I’ve driven to correct my own inattention or stupidity. Hours probably, over my lifetime.

Would I honk? HELL yes! Loud and long to call as much attention to her rude selfishness as possible.

Then I would probably think, ‘Well, that was unnecessary. What if the poor woman had a family emergency?’
This was a would not should do question, right?

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Even if I had a family emergency, I don’t think I would cut across two lanes to make a turn.

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I don’t think there’s a narrow enough definition of “family emergency” to make that call. There’s drama, and then there’s dead.

My point was that I tend to be a hot head, and then immediately think of legitimate reasons they could have acted that way. If you don’t see someone make the same mistake multiple times, there’s almost always a scenario where that mistake could be understandable, if not totally acceptable.

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If they’re already dead, rushing isn’t going to change anything.

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Were you passing?

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I simply don’t see why you feel like you have to have the last word on a whispered comment, @jca? It’s tedious and terribly annoying.

My point was that I can empathize with most everyone, even if only after the fact.
“Yeah, well, hey, bitch. He’ll probably be dead by the time you get there, anyway. There’s no reason to inconvenience me.

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@ibstubro: The comment I responded to, “I don’t think there’s a narrow enough definition of “family emergency” to make that call. There’s drama, and then there’s dead.” had no whispers in it. Regardless, I’m sorry if I’m tiring to you. Many people here are not always my cup of tea but I soldier on.

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Soldier on.

Unfollow question.

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