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What is the greatest thing to lay naked on or against?

Asked by Devilishtreat (621points) November 24th, 2015

It’s completely natural to be naked so, what feels great against your skin?

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Cool grass.

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Another person.

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Velcro…get stuck in!

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A bed of nails!

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Clean sheets.

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The Rockettes.

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dog in heat

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Gross, @ragingloli :P

Clean sheets – especially with freshly shaved legs.

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Oooh…my new beautiful teal colored velvety velour blanket with an underside of cloudy fleece. I put the fleecy side down instead of a top sheet then cover with my electric blanket and a light duvet, heaven on earth at bedtime. Simply sensually divine.

Layers of lovely softness. Jeez, sounds like a toilet paper commercial. lol

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My sweetheart.
A happily purring feline.
Clean, silky soft sheets.

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My husband – when he is also naked.

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Should be lie, not lay, though.

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It’s coming on winter here, so I’ll say back between warm sheets after a dash to the bathroom.

Summer I’d say a towel on cool earth in full sun on a 72° summer day. You can’t beat nude in the sun.

Spring I’ve had a couple refreshing nude rainshowers!

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A hot bubble bath full of luxurious bath things. I want, like, the fizzy bath bombs with the glitter in them, those little pastel-colored seashell soaps that are never used, a perfumed sachet, candles, a rubber duckie, and maybe my cat nearby (but not in splashing distance) for moral support. My goal is to almost fall asleep in there, but be just awake enough to not drown.

A friend and I were talking about how we never live places with bathtubs. Both of our apartments have shower stalls only. She lives in Brooklyn, I live in DC, and we both pay a princely sum to live in these tiny little shoebox places. She said, “what the fuck is this, the YMCA?”

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@Haleth I feel your pain. I would be completely miserable if I couldn’t take my candlelit bubble baths. I still maintain that when everything else in the world is shitty, a bath is the one place in the world that will always be amazing.

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A down comforter with a high thread count cotton cover.
Cool limestone rock, in the sun
Leather sofa
My waterbed

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@Haleth I’ve looked at luxury modern condos with no tub in the master bath. A definite dealbreaker for me!

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The warm body of my meal.

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Nothing. Suspended In zero G naked.

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@Brian1946 What? The “warm body of your meal”?
You mean you are sleeping on a mound of warm lasagne or mashed potatoes?
Personally I;d layer my mattress with toasted french bread. lol

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Fine dark warm sunlit soil.

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A woman whose finger I placed the wedding ring.

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Interesting concept, awkward question. I would have to suggest laying with a corpse. Feels very similar to Playdoh.

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@Mastema and…you know this corpse/Play Doh similarity first hand ey? I guess it would feel either like warm or cold Play Doh depending on it’s freshness. Do you prefer your corpses fresh or slightly aged? lol

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@Coloma Mastema left. I’ve seen him do it. Goes with the lifestyle…

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