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What are some situations where two people would extensively touch each other in a non sexual way?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) July 23rd, 2008

(this is for a film experiment)

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Massage is the big one that comes to mind.

Waxing is another…maybe shaving would be sexier though.

Tantra has some great non-sexual and semi-sexual practices that help to build intimacy in a relationship. I’d rather not go into them here, but I would recommend researching them.

Also, reiki can be a bonding experience, although there is no real touching involved.

But these last two depend on your partner having an open mind to new-age concepts of energy.

But who could forget…playing! This can take so many forms and is really at the core of a healthy relationship. Just being in a room together and feeling silly enough to play is great. Children’s game are great, but making up games is even better. I knew a couple that used to play “Dinosaurs”. They would get on the floor on all fours and make noises like dinosaurs. They would bump into each other, trying to gain superior position. At the end, one of them would usually collapse on the floor playing dead and the other would tickle them or roar exultantly.

Don’t ask me how I know this. I probably should have just said playing and left it at that.

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Acting class.

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Any sort of codified touch: doctor’s office, etc.

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Some kinds of dance classes.

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contact improv dance

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anything more along the lines of something your parents could comfortably do in the home while you’re around….

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People who are applying whole-body paints to each other, e.g. for a performance or art.

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A comforting hug, of course!!
Between friends, I mean.

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Also physical therapy.

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Oh, parents at home. Er… Playing Twister. Slow-dancing. Cuddling up. Helping dress each other in costumes or formal clothes. Cleaning each other off after say, doing yard work. Studying anatomy and trying to find certain bones by touch.

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a very cold night in the outdoors, let’s say, if they get lost or something

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Hand holding, hugs, getting a tattoo, taking measurements for clothes.

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Looking at a rash or bug bite? Trying to get a splinter out? Trying to zip up a tight dress? Ooh, applying henna tattoos. I’ve been in that situation before. Giving someone a haircut? Putting on sunscreen? Lifting someone to reach something on a high shelf?

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Fitting clothing.

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Performing the Heimlich maneuver.

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Playing patty cake

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Tickle fight.

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@judy; Thank you. =)

Another thing? Conga line!

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Wrestling or Mixed Martial Arts.

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Toweling each other off after coming in from a drenching downpour.

A foot rub.

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Spooning for heat when lost in the mountains so as not to die from exposure.

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Blues dancing

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Mutual surgery?

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Mutual mugging?

My son was a serious winter mountaineer. Apparently one effective way of dealing with frostbite would be to put the damaged feet under the armpits of the warmer partner (one foot in each pit.)

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@gc I feel safer with that knowladge. Thanx

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@Srt: *Knowledge IS power, someone said. Next time you find yourself in an igloo with a friend, remember that.

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cuddleing or massage both make sense

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What if they were both sexually illiterate and just sat there awkwardly fumbling all over? Would that count?

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Extensive touching with no sex… Marriage after some years!

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