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Are you venturing out on Black Friday?

Asked by jca (36043points) November 26th, 2015

I am off and my daughter has to go to a birthday party Saturday, so I will be in at least one store on Black Friday. Maybe I’ll go later in the day so it won’t be so crowded.

Are you going out shopping on Black Friday?

Do you have to work Black Friday?

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I just found out that I can get all my Black Friday shopping done online with free shipping. I’m golden.

You’ll find me on my couch eating leftovers sandwiches.

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No work and wild horses could not drag me to that BF insanity! Heading to the cabin for the weekend to enjoy some peace and solitude instead.

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Nah, I will wait for Beige Friday.

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We have staff for that

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No. I never have. I can only imagine how stressful it would be.

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I live about ten – fifteen minutes away from a major, beautiful mall. I remember last Thanksgiving, I must have had too much Diet Coke or coffee or something, because I got the notion while driving home from Thanksgiving, “Why don’t I go by the mall and see what’s going on for Black Friday?” Mind you, this was around 9 or 10 pm on Thanksgiving evening. I went by the mall and OMG, every spot was packed. I said hell no, and got off the highway and turned around and went home.

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Nope. I observe Buy Nothing Day instead.

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Most likely not. Black Friday is best if you’re looking for something specific; I was last year: iPad Air 2 in Gold, 64 GB. Target had a great deal, but I tried three Targets and none of them had the model I wanted, so I ended up paying full price from Apple. Meh. It was a letdown. But it also wasn’t as cutthroat and crowded as people would have you believe.

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In the days of amazon, internet price comparison and over night shipping, these types of events seem incredibly pointless.

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I agree @ragingloli but I think for some purchases, people like to see them in person (perhaps to try on clothing for example) and I also think that being in stores seems to excite people in some way, sometimes.

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I doubt you will be able to try on clothes with a million other people smothering you.

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@ragingloli: I’m not going near a department store on Black Friday! I need to get a birthday present for this party my daughter is invited to on Saturday, and unfortunately I wasn’t thinking when I was out last weekend. I’m going out later in the day tomorrow so I hopefully avoid the crowds. As for why people go out Black Friday, I think they make it like recreation (pick up the bestie, get coffee and charge ahead).

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I’ll probably make a beer run wearing my pajama pants. I don’t shop the day after Thanksgiving. Never have.

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I make it a point not to even leave my house on the day after Thanksgiving.

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I am venturing out for a hike or a run or maybe both. But the only store I go to will be a grocery store to get some more whipped cream to go on left over pie.

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Yes, but not for a sale. I need some chain link fence parts for a repair, so i“ll be heading to Lowes or Home Depot or someplace like that.

I will NOT be anywhere near a mall,

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Only to the Mexican take-out place. I’ll be jonesing for a burrito by tomorrow. Most of my Xmas shopping was done on Amazon in February.

I would like to go out and take some pictures tomorrow. It’s drizzling right now. Hip, hip hooray! Should make for some nice cloud scenes tomorrow.

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I work today (retail) so I’m looking forward to the DOOR BUSTING EMPLOYEE STOMPING SICK ASS DEALS. Actually, I’m sitting in the mall parking lot now and it’s relatively quiet. Maybe people haven’t woken up from their carb comas yet.

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I’m going to Amazon right now. I just decided to see a movie later before I head back to my parents’ for leftovers.

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