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What are you doing with your leftovers today?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32719points) November 27th, 2015

Sandwiches, casseroles, and the like will be full of turkey all over the US. What are you doing?

For jellies who didn’t just celebrate Thanksgiving, what do you like to do with leftovers?

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We always make meals from leftovers, until none is left or they have gone off. Leftover rice can be boiled again. Fish or meat can be ingredients for other meals. Some go to the fridge and can be reused for days.

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I have a fair amount of turkey (white meat) left. I expect to turn it into turkey salad (celery, grapes, mayo) and have it for lunch for the next day or two.

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Leftovers of what?

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We’ll have leftovers for a week, at least. Soups, stews, salad, and so. many. sandwiches.

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I like to give my leftovers a little bit of false hope that they will be eaten up by keeping them in the fridge for a week before throwing them away

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Some I will heat for lunch. But I am also planning to make a turkey pie.

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Leftover ham went into omelettes this morning. Leftover bird and sides will be eaten for lunch.

I am trying to avoid leftover desserts, but they are calling my name.

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@cookieman send the leftover desserts over here, please

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Cut up the turkey and put it into a few special freezer bags and freeze for later gobbling.

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Eat leftovers or make turkey sandwiches.

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Wild rice and turkey soup with a hearty, chewy multi-grain bread, and a warm cranberry/orange/pineapple/blueberry crisp with vanilla ice cream.

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I had another thanksgiving meal for breakfast. We always make a soup with some of the leftover turkey. We put in broth, celery, carrots, onions, tomato chunks, pastina, and black pepper. It’s so good.

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We took some leftovers (we didn’t cook) and 80% of the food was already eaten today, Friday. Free food. Turkey, mac and cheese, green beans, corn, pasta salad, it’s almost all gone.

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I went back to my parents’ house yesterday (Friday) and had another turkey dinner (not a huge dinner). Today, there is leftover oat-pecan crusted pumpkin pie that I made. I’ll have some later. I also took the extra pumpkin filling and baked it in a casserole dish. That will be for when the pie runs out. This morning there is a piece of cranberry bread that my mom made, and that will be breakfast.

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Wonder of false hope wonders. Nearly an entire half gallon of Hagen Daz vanilla miraculously escaped the gluttony that consumed its allies, the fruit pies and that glorious 3 layered coconut cake from heaven. There was also an entire really large pumpkin pie mocking me as I waded through the battlefield of dirty dishes and empty champagne bottles. The pie knows that I don’t care for it or it’s cousin the sweet potato pie. Those root vegetable versions of pastry are not for me. There’s lots of leftover turkey and plenty of fixins. It was a 2 turkey affair, so the guests all hauled away their shopping bags of stuff (they were warned in advance to bring the bags, as well as to bake, prepare or bring lots of extra stuff to split up). In keeping with the cruelties of the seasons, all of the cakes and pies were devoured or swept away with by my inconsiderate guests and that pristine pumpkin thing left untouched to deliberately provoke me. One of our guests who loves the things was summoned to remove the horror from my kitchen. I awoke from the nap brought on by the exhaustion of cleaning the house to discover her and the wife cackling over a jigsaw puzzle and guzzling yet more champagne as the green witch threatened Dorothy on the flat screen. Never mind. I know where to find the proper accompaniment to that ice cream.

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No leftovers for me as I didn’t cook but my usual favorites are turkey pot pie and hot turkey sandwiches. I try to make plenty of gravy to go with. It broke my heart at the house I was in when I saw them throwing out the pan juices!

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Having some now. Life is good.

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Feel free to send any leftover pumpkin pies my direction. My son would cheerfully live on the stuff.

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The gal who relieved us of the pumpkin pie is back with 2 others. They’re working on the jigsaw puzzle, guzzling champagne and trading stories on the incompetence of their husbands. I have get out of here before they figure out that I’m here and put me to work

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