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Being thankful to have all that food on Thanksgiving, did you spread the wealth?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) November 27th, 2015

Those of you who are not blessed to live in an area or neighborhood devoid of homeless people or the poor, did you take any of that extra bounty of food and make some extra plates to give to the poor who could not afford Thanksgiving, or find some of the homeless and give to them so they can have at least a Thanksgiving meal if not to full dining experience? This is a question for those who have homeless and poor around them, if you are up in the Hamptons are some idyllic suburban neighborhood, you won’t find much in this question.

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No. I did not share my grilled cheese sandwich with NOONE!

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Tried to. I have some local acquaintances that usually join us for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. One passed away a couple of months ago due to not being able to pay for cancer treatment.

The other I couldn’t get to my house, because my van’s radiator decided to crap out on me.

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I gave blankets, jackets and some other items to the local mission.

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Taking the leftovers to a homeless person is not an effective way to “spread the wealth”. Better and more effective giving to a food bank at various times of the year, and then to make a feast for the extended family (which includes strays and and friends) which only provides enough excess for leftovers the next day.

Making just enough is better for society, better for the homeless that can get a full meal at a kitchen every day, and better for the waste stream.

Plus it relieves the homeless person of the requirement to be humbly grateful for the patrician largesse of the scraps from the table.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I gave blankets, jackets and some other items to the local mission.
I applaud the effort, it is better than none, and more than most. I just pray those who really need it know where those missions are and have a way to get there.

@zenvelo Better and more effective giving to a food bank at various times of the year,..]
Food at the food bank, which are not fruits and veggies, usually require cooking since they are in nonperishable form. How do you suggest the homeless with no kitchen work that? Also, since it is likely to be in cans, will they provide a way to lug all of that weight while they find a way to cook it?

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I didn’t share my tin of tuna with anyone.

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Being English, I won’t be finding much in this question either, a relevant distinction missing in your details.

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I’d rather give my left overs to polar bears.

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To paraphrase Matthew “the poor are always with us”. Did anyone happen to notice that the election of Ronald Reagan resulted in the abrupt appearance of armies of homeless people living on the streets. I think there are great commercial incentives to strive for an America populated by people of short memories. The legions of the homeless would not be so willingly tolerated by a constituency whose numbers were dominated by those who survived the great depression. Reagan’s declaration that “government is the problem”
Is simply code for “greed and selfishness are once again fashionable.” You see homelessness is just one of those things like the weather: “it just happens.” It’s the perfect explanation from those without a conscience, and rather convenient for those who prefer to ignore the conscience they have.

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No, I didn’t.
Did you @Hypocrisy_Central ?

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