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How do radio stations get paid?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17707points) November 28th, 2015

Just wondering.

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For Commercial stations,they sell advertising.

Unless they are a public radio station in the US, then they solicit donations. Or they get subsidized by the government, like the CBC.

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Don’t kid yourself. Public radio is commercial as well. They just call it something different because they are not-for-profit. Why do you think you hear the announcements like “All Things Considered is made possible by a gift of the XYZ corporation, and then 20 seconds of information about what XYZ Corp. sells.

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Sometimes by paper check, sometimes auto bank transfer, from their sale of airtime for advertising.

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Occasionally, they are paid in trade. I remember my friend worked at KJAZ in Alameda, and instead of money, he was given the value of a few meals at a local steakhouse that advertised on the station. He wasn’t happy, since you can’t pay bills that way.

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Any business that wanted to pay me in steak rather than currency wouldn’t get their ads aired by me.

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