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Samsung from Verizon.

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A samsung what???

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1st Model Motorola V3 Razr, my carrier is Tele2 on the KPN network, it’s time for an iPhone

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Samsung SCH-u410.
It’s not that great, but it’s not too bad either…

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@fly My Grandparents have that and love it!

@iwamoto Not to be mean but you are correct

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LG Fusic. I’ve had it for over two years, but I still love it so much! It is more convenient than anyone else’s phone that I know. I access my Gmail within two seconds on it, I love how it texts…

I’m due for an upgrade with my service plan, but I don’t even want to get a new phone, even though it’d be free.

P.S. I have Sprint.

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Verizon, Samsung Gleam.

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Nice. I hate my phone There is nothing bad about it just that I treat it like ©r@p. I have this phone

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Looks like a good phone to me!!
Mine’s boring, but glad to hear that you like it.
I don’t dislike it exactly. I mean, I like it to some extent…I just wish I had a better one.

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motorola Rokr zm6 :) I love it.
Sleek, thin, easy to use, and a slider phone.

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@trio could you send me a pic i can’t seem to find one.

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This is just a pic of the Motorola Rokr, though I don’t know if it’s zm6. My guess is that it’s at least similar.

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Motorola Q carrier is Alltel

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@flower ; It’s like a Palm Pilot!
That’s awesome…I really want a full keyboard text phone…

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@trio what carrier cuz that looks like a sick phone!

@fly Me too but since I have AT&T so I am looking into the iPhone

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Motorola Razr, Verizon. I actually really like it, of course it’s not the “cool new thing” anymore, but it still makes me happy. @swimmingdude – hmm will you be asking for our social security numbers next? :P

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@swim ; I heard the touch screen is too sensitive, though. But I don’t really want a touch screen phone like the iPhone. Not that it’s relevant, since I’m only fourteen and I have no chance of getting an expensive phone any time soon, due to the fact that my dad pays for it, lol.

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it is called the Smartphone and yes i think it is something like the palm pilot. I just liked the keyboard on this one better than the others.

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White iPhone 3G on AT&T.

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@Crunch ; lucky…even though I don’t really want a touch screen phone, you’re still lucky…

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@swimmindude2496 haha, Im glad you like it.
The motorola rokr can be carried by Rogers and Sasktel, Rogers only will support the phone if it is in their building/display. The Zm6 which I have is an Canadian verison of the phone to run on our network. I wouldn’t actually know which network would run on yours


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iPhone/ AT&T. but im thinking about upgrading to iPhone 3G because i can actually save money by doing so

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Over time? How so?

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well i apply for a corporate discount that i dont apply for on the iPhone 2.5G but i do on the 3G. and i could sell my 2.5G on craigslist for more than a 3G costs

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right now i pay 79 a month for the 2.5 G and with the discount i could get it to 71 dollars for the same exact minutes/data/text as i have now

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I have a pink RAZR from T-Mobile.

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I have an LG8600 w/Verizon. I have iPodtouch that I use an an organizer and I like it more than the treo because it is less bulkly and the buttons on the treo are a lot harder for me to use because they are so small. I thought the touch would be hard to use but it is a lot easier and accurate than I expected.

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Sony Ericsson W580i

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I have a Samsung Alias with Verizon Wireless.

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Blackberry 7100t and i think it is a good phone haven’t had any problems with it

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1st gen iPhone AT&T

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iPhone 3G. The iPhone optimized version of this site looks great BTW.

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Original iPhone AT&T

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I ♥ my iPhone

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personal phone: Razr from Verizon
not sure why people hate the razr so much, but i love mine…can’t stand to have a bulky phone…never had any problems with it and I’m on my second one only because it was time for my free upgrade.

work phone: Moto Q 9c from Verizon
So far, I’m pleased with this phone…just got it last week. Has windows mobile so I can check my work email and view necessary files. It’s very thin, has a full keyboard and a decent size screen.

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I have a Blackberry 8800. He’s my boy.
I have also an iPod Touch so I think I have an Idea of what the iPhone should work like.
That said I would never change my Blackberry 8800 for anything else in the world. Until the next blackberry hits the shops.

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Blackberry 8800 on AT&T’s EDGE.

Provided by work. I’ve never paid for my own cell phone. If I did, I’d be kickin’ back with an iPhone of some sort.

My 8800 is a dog in performance. Has a hard time keeping up with my actions. Third party apps are pretty alright on it though. Really dig Newsgator Go! RSS feed reader. And also the triangulation greatness of Google Maps.

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nokia e95 with telefónica-movistar

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iPhone 3G on AT&T, Black 16 GB

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iPhone 3G. With Rogers Wireless. Ew.

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I had a Sanya Katana and LOVED it, however they changed my contract and it was simply too expensiveto stay with that provider, so I bought an LG Shine. Very similar to my Katana, however I don’t like the keypad as much.

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Chocolate 3 Flip on Verizon unlimited

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Silver LG enV (VX9900) Love it.

Great Qwerty keyboard.

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I just upgraded to a G1 a couple weeks ago. YAY! =]

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@allie finding it east to use? I really like to OS.

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@willbrawn Learning how to use it took me about three days (if that). It’s super simple.

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LG Chocolate 2 from Verizon

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