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Should we hook tv and radio antennas to meat, to improve the signal?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18834points) November 29th, 2015

I found that when I touch the radio or tv antennas the signal gets clearer. So I was wondering if you can hook up meat steaks or roasts to improve radio and TV reception?

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I think it’s because you’re tall, @RedDeerGuy1, and not because you’re organic protein. But I’m not too well versed in signal transmission, so it’s only a guess.

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Yes, it works. If you’ve had a portable AM radio, you know how much you can change the signal with your body.

For a practical solution, you can make some really great antennas for very little money. For example:

DIY TV Antennas

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I think that we all have a steak in the outcome of your research.

Seriously, there are a number of sites on the web that explain the phenomenon. here’s one of several that I read: link

I think that attaching an antenna to a piece of meat would be less effective than attaching to a live human, because of the conductance of the human body, and also the amount of water in the body as well.

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If your car requires a FOB you can increase the range of the FOB by holding it against your skull and pressing the button as you navigate the parking lot.

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Yes you can. Be sure to ground them to the stove.

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Basically what you’re doing is grounding the antenna. This improves the signal because transmission sites use the ground to increase the output. It would be better to connect a ground wire to the lower end of your antenna rather than using meat.

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