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What new shoes should I consider?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32719points) November 30th, 2015

I need a new pair of casual shoes, and I am open to suggestions. I am replacing a pair of aging and worn out boat shoes by Sperry.

I have a requirement that is vitally important. They must be easy to slip on and off. We remove our shoes when we enter a home here, so they’ll be slipped in and out of often. Shoes that must be laced to put on each time or unlaced to remove do not work.

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Would you want a sandal or a slide on? Or, you want a shoe that covers your toes and has a back?

I like Merrel and Clark’s for support and comfort for slide on shoes.

Do you not want Sperry Again? When I worked in Men’s shoes hush puppies were coming back, I don’t know if they are still on the market?

If you get a proper shoe with a front and back make sure it doesn’t come very high up on your foot. Meaning top of you foot towards your leg. When the top of your foot is completely covered it’s usually harder to get in and out of the shoe.

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Those 2 links look very good. I am considering Birkenstocks.

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I’ve never owned Birkenstocks, but that is a great idea. Many people find them very comfortable.

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Sperry’s are great and I have a pair of Merrell’s like these.

They are comfortable and look like dress shoes for when the need to look like dress shoes

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I’m not sure about Merrel’s casual shoes, but I have a pair of Merrel walking shoes, and they’re truly the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. They’re a brand absolutely worth looking into.

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I see a lot of Keen Newport -ish shoes on the college-town kind of people I know.

For more traditional style I like moccasin style penny loafers.

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I’m a huge fan of Born brand shoes.
Super comfortable and really well made.

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Don’t let laces hold you back.
If you tie laced shoes just right, they’re slip on’s. The majority of my shoes have laces, all ‘slip on’. You might have to buy a bit larger.
If yo like the look and fit, you can make almost any shoe a slip-on.

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I decided to buy these. I like the style. I like LL Bean. They have a very simple return policy in case I need another size.

Thank you all for the ideas. It honestly helped.

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Good looking shoes, @Hawaii_Jake.

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I absolutely love my boots from frye. They have an easy to slip on zipper on the side. Also I have bought some shoes from Amazon with these zippers on the side and they are quick and easy to slip on

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