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Can you help me understand what the characters are saying in this movie trailer?

Asked by wsxwh111 (2464points) November 30th, 2015

So I’ve been kinda into movie trailers lately, today I found this parody one Fifty Shades of Black, and I found that I couldn’t quite catch some of the sentences.. Can you help me? Thanks!
At 1:04, 2:02 and 2:09, what did he/ she say?
Thanks again for your attention.

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1:04 looks like “this is so devious.”

The others look like some black joke. I don’t really get it.

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But that doesn’t make a lot of sense…
I’d appreciate it a lot if you guys can write the words down in English, thank you!

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I am just eadign out so I can’t fully transcribe but ere is what i picked up
We gott a talk.
“You mean like white people talk” “using fancy SAT words talk? (scolatic aptitudte test – for college usually)
The black way “You not gonna do. YOU not gonna do” (swinging hands around slapping hands) O hell no!. See? THAT’s communcation!” (Actually they said nothing specific. Important Note!!!! White people can’t say this stuff or joke about it. While true, and visible on the street every day, to mention it would be considered racist. They get away with it since they are Black. Don’t you try it!!!

Sorry I have to run.

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1:04 “You’re such a stallion!”

2:02 “Talk like white people…throwing around all these big SAT [Scholastic Aptitude Test] words”

2:09 An exaggerated parody of the way black people talk with each other, with few words, many catchphrases, and lots of hand waving.

The supposed racism mentioned above is that often it is acceptable to joke about your own group, but unfunny or even offensive for people outside the group to joke the same way.

For example if you say, “My mother is such a terrible person!”, people understand you are complaining about normal family problems.

If your friend says, “Your mother is a terrible person!” it might start a fight.

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In a way it reminds me of this scene from Airport

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@jaytkay Thanks for your explanation :)
Just a thought, though, did you catch the word he used at 2:09? I think it’s something like ’‘Don’t let me get a clapping boom’’ but I’m sure it’s not those words lol

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And thanks for the heads-up about the jokes involved with racism. I get what you guys mean. √

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Note: The “H” key on my pc is skipping. Sorry for all the typos above. I didn’t have time to edit and correct.

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@wsxwh111 Sounds to me like “Don’t let me get to clap and boom” ... which also makes no sense to me. I don’t speak modern fake Holly-jive, I guess. (I feel so left out.)

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He says, “and don’t let me get to clapping, Boom.”

Meaning “I will escalate the exaggerated animated conversation by clapping my hands.”

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@Zaku Oh tell me about it, lol!

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@jaytkay You are amazing! Thanks a lot.

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