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Are you participating in #GivingTuesday, 2015?

Asked by ibstubro (18799points) December 1st, 2015

I added funds to my Kiva account this morning.
It’s a great organization. I encourage you to support it or a charity of your choice today or throughout the holiday season.
I don’t consider Kiva a charity, but an act of human kindness.

#Giving Tuesday

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My local animal shelter has a fund for feral cat trap/spay/neuter/release. I have been meaning to bring a check to them. I’m not big on putting my financial information on sites as I’m leery of sites getting hacked – I’m more likely to bring or mail a check to a place.

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No. I give when I can. At the moment I’m struggling to make sure I have food in the house until the next pay day.

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I gave to a number of charities on Sunday as part of my holiday ritual. Will be donating to some more.

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No, my days of prosperity fell away a couple years ago and now I am working hard and saving every penny for my own needs at this time. I spent years giving to many charitable organizations but now, charity begins at home.
I am giving though, I am giving to my horsey clients here at the ranch where I house & horse sit.

It is only 9 a.m. and so far, since 7 a.m. I have fed the mighty 11, medicated one of the older geldings, soaked his abscessed hoof that was vetted yesterday, re-wrapped it and administered his eye ointment. I am a very giving equine nurse. :-)

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I gave my cat another chance on life today. He came out of hiding to get something to eat! If he keeps that up he isn’t going to get put down. But he better not poop in the living room again. I told him so..

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@majorrich Yay, feed him everything he wants, you are the slave and servant you know! Great news!

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No. It’s Wednesday now. I’m too late.

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Too broke to care.

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