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I'm driving up I75 in January, anything I should stop and see?

Asked by JLeslie (61018points) December 1st, 2015 from iPhone

Please also recommend places to stay.

We will be on I75 from Tampa to Cincinnatti, and then we start heading towards Akron on I71. Remember it’s winter, so it should be an indoor activity.

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Just south of Cincinnati there are a couple of MicroBreweries that may be interesting if you are stopping there.

We can change it from tourism to Brewerism.

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That smell in the air about 30 miles before Sweetwater Tn is not someone farting in your car.

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Will this take you through West Virginia?

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Lots of stuff.

Macon: Railroad Museum

Georgia – Telus Science Museum

Georgia – Various Civil War battlefields

Georgia – Cherokee Settlements including Chief Vann House ’link

Chattanooga: Tennessee Aquarium

Chattanooga: Lookout Mountain – great views

Chattanooga: Ruby Falls (and rock formations)

On 75 in Tennessee – any of the various TVA dams and watersheds

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@chyna Unfortunately, no. WV was a very difficult drive through all of the mountains. We decided driving through TN and KY is worth the extra miles. If we ever race in VA again we would do the trek through WV though, and I certainly will let you know if we do that.

@elbanditoroso I’ll look up some of those. Thanks.

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@JLeslie – the Telus Science Museum is really fascinating.

Also, I happen to like Civil War sites, so I tend to visit the ones off of I-75 about 20–30 miles south of Chattanooga. Lots of battlefields, cemeteries, etc.

Note also: Georgia weather in January can be anywhere from 20 degrees to 70 degrees….

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Be prepared for cold & slippery weather in January. Tenn tends to have a lot of snow & ice during that time of year. Of course, it might be 60–70 degrees. You won’t know until you get there. Tenn Tourism has a site where they’ll send you a book with ideas on what is available.

Sorry I don’t have better ideas but I’m not familiar wit I75 as from where I live I usually take I40.

Have a safe & exciting trip!!!

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