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Which is the most unhealthy food for us to eat?

Asked by Aster (20021points) December 2nd, 2015

You have two choices: pork sausage or fish on the Pacific coast. Which would you choose?

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Neither but if I had to, it would be fish.

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I read the answers to this question without reading the details of it and was so very confused.

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I’d pick the pork sausage. But I’m guessing the fish would be the healthier option?

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Like @CunningFox , I’d would also pick the pork sausage. I mean if we’re gonna eat, LET’S EAT! We be fryin’ up a mess o’ eggs in all that beautiful, delicious grease, too!

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Um, the pork sausage?

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The most unhealthy? Sugar.

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I would imagine lard, aka Crisco Shortening. Grandmas going back to the OT used it in everything from frying chicken to pie crust. It wasn’t until my generation came along and discovered it’s true purpose which had nothing to do with food: orgies.

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Actually you’re half right about that. Crisco is NOT lard.

Crisco is highly processed cottonseed oil and is definitely very unhealthy for numerous reasons.

Lard is a natural product which comes from a pig and many people are coming back to using it because it’s healthier than butter (because it has a lower % of saturated fat) and far healthier than Crisco (which slick advertising managed to convince consumers that it was much preferred because it was healthier. It is anything but.)

The website below has an article titled “Top 3 reasons why you should be eating lard.” there are also similar articles outlining 6, 10 or more reasons to return to Lard, if you’re interested.

(I’m on my old phone and can’t do c/p so links need to be simple enough for me to write out manually.)

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^^I stand corrected.

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