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Is there a way to monetize the one-a-day mass shooting events? Would a lottery help?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28840points) December 3rd, 2015

We have all read how the mass shootings are taking place a little more frequently than once a day – 355 so far in 2015. And it’s only December 3.

Why not put these events to good use?

The government (or some such agency) would take bets on which of the 51 states (50+DC) the shooting will take place in on a given day. Just like PowerBall, the people with the winning guess would split the pot.

Then you could have sub-prizes for:
– ethnicity of the shooter(s)
– # of people killed
– # of people wounded
– make of firearm
and so on.

The point of this would be that all proceeds would go to gun control or gun management programs, and not to the government pot at large.

Since (based on StanleyBManley’s question) these sorts of mass killings are inevitable, why not monetize it and collect money for remediation programs?

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You could install hidden HD-cameras everywhere and stream it live, then monetise it with a pay-per-view system and/or sell the footage to news organisations for some extra government revenue.

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The lottery for “education” sure has worked wonders here~

That and it’ll be too easy to rig

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Yeah. Cap and trade, for alternate meanings of “cap”.

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Since firearm sales peak after shootings we can all purchase stock in firearm manufacturing companies and profit with every shooting.

I like @ragingloli ‘s idea. Look how much money sports enthusiasts pay to see fights on pay-per-view. Fund law enforcement security cameras with a PPV model.

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If they don’t do this in Vegas already, I’m pretty sure you could make bets like this in Britain or in some of the other offshore gambling sites that aren’t controlled by US federal or state officials.

Ok. Where next betting website Maybe it’s not active any more, but I bet you could find such a site that is active if you worked at it.

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I’m with @LuckyGuy buy stock in weapons manufacturers.

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