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Did you see what Kasich, Trump, and Gilmore said to the Jewish Coalition?

Asked by JLeslie (55956points) December 4th, 2015 from iPhone

WTH? Did you see what Kasich and Trump said to the Jewish Coalition? Here is a link with the quotes.

Jim Gilmore also talked about watching Shindler’s List the night before. Really? Lol.

Gotta love the use of all the stereotypes.

What’s your reaction? Are you offended? Did it make you laugh? Does it change how you feel about any of the candidates? Something else?

Let us know if you are Jewish, and if you are a Republican.

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It’s pretty clear that Carson is even more of an idiot than previously noted.

Trump was ignorant, nasty, and pandering. Particularly strange because his daughter is married to an Orthodox Jew – Trump should know better.

The smartest guy in the room was Lindsay Graham.

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Carson is fearful of the threat of hummus. Guess he only likes Evangelical dip spreads.

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I don’t see how people accuse Trump of pandering when he tells an audience of Jews he knows they are negotiators and that he won’t be bought by them.

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“I’m a negotiator, like you folks,” Trump said, before referencing his book “The Art of the Deal.”
“Is there anyone who doesn’t renegotiate deals in this room?” Trump said. “Perhaps more than any room I’ve spoken to.”
The presidential candidate then predicted he would not gain the support of Jews in his bid for the White House because he is independently wealthy.
“You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money,” he said, adding that, “you want to control your own politician.”

Wow. I predict that the definition of the word “Trump” is quickly going to change from ” outrank or defeat someone or something, often in a highly public way,” to ”..making a total, idiotic, insulting fool of yourself in a highly public way.

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Oy. Not Jewish or Republican. By virtue of where I live I know tons of Jewish people and they are all staunchly Democrats or they think the Dems are not liberal enough.

It’s kind of like Log Cabin Republicans. They shouldn’t exist, but they do.

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Not Jewish, not Republican. But I do find it hilarious that they think these stereotypes are compliments. I’m not surprised in the least.

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@zenvelo Carson is an Evangelical dip.

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@dappled_leaves I know what you mean! But….it isn’t a compliment to say, “He Jewed him down.” I mean, I do it ALL the time, Jew the hell out of people down. But the insinuation is that one is cheap and ready to rip you off.

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Hilarious. At least they didn’t bring up noses and horns. Oy!

Seriously?! Is this the best our country has to offer? These are the folks some people want leading our country. The holder of that position will have with their finger on the nuclear button. (Or noo kyu lar as a couple of them say. Just axe ‘em. They’ll tell ya’.)

So embarrassing…

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@Dutchess_III Not only is it not a compliment but it’s quite an insulting reference. I never had heard that anti-Semitic expression until I lived in England when I was in my twenties.

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It is certainly meant to be, so it is. But, you could also read it as they are very frugal and wise with their money, and that isn’t an insult.

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I first heard “Jew it down” in my late teens when I moved to Michigan. I’m not sure the person saying it even realized Jew might be short for Jewish and the negative stereotype. I’m pretty sure it was just an expression he grew up hearing and saying.

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@Dutchess_III Of course it is an insult.

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It’s an insult if you realize where it comes from.

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@JLeslie Doesn’t everyone at least read The Merchant of Venice in high school?

I would expect that simply recognizing the stereotype would be enough to keep people from thinking these are compliments.

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I didn’t read it.

A lot of people I met in college had never met a Jewish person that they knew of. I didn’t get the feeling they were antisemitic.

I used to use jip/gyp and then a gypsie jelly pointed out to me it could be offensive, and it took until then for me to realize where the word came from. I was in my 40’s when I put that together, and only because he pointed it out. Then I instantly knew what he meant, but since I don’t really walk around thinking negatively about gypsies it just had never dawned on me.

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I was half listening to the news in the background and there was a clip of Trump saying “oy, oy, oy” about something or other.

I wouldn’t be startled if I heard that from a Jewish person’s lips, but since he’s obviously not, isn’t that a bit condescending of him? (or mocking, or something that I can’t quite put my finger on)?

All I know is it sounded pretty weird and ignorant coming from him.

But, he’s pretty much coming out with a minimum of one ignorant pronouncement each and every day so I rarely listen too hard when clips of him are playing.

If openly mocking a Pulitzer prize news reporter’s physical disability (Serge Kovaleski) didn’t do him in, then I’ve lost all hope for the discernment abilities of the American electorate. And he had the chutzpah to deny it and lie about knowing him even tho there’s a recorded clip of his tone and mannerisms while doing so which leaves absolutely no doubt.

Oy oy oy, indeed !

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@Buttonstc He is around Jews a lot. I learned a lot of Yiddish from an Irish Catholic in my retail days in Boca Raton, FL who had transplanted from NYC.

I’m not making excuses for Trump, but just to say he has done business with some of the people in the audience, and he did his typical talking without thinking thing. Trump made me laugh more than anything, but it does prove again he is a risk when talking to other countries. NYers mimic with friends and it can be ok, but a lot of people are offended by that. It reminds me of Rosie O’Donnel mimicking Chinese people and some of the backlash. I had laughed when she did it, and then later she received a bunch of mail voicing people were upset. Plenty of Asians weren’t upset though. I don’t think Trump means any harm, I think he interacts with Jewish people constantly, since forever, unlike probably most of the other candidates, but he is scary.

Kasich made me uncomfortable, and he is the Republican I was kind of liking. Gilmore just sounded like a total idiot saying he watched Shindler’s a List the night before. Seriously? Who advised him to do that?

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Yeah, I get your point. It certainly wasn’t the worst thing i’ve heard coming out of his mouth but it just struck me as kind of weird and totally clueless.

By far the most offensive thing I saw was his mocking of Serge Kovaleski, refusal to apologize for it and outright lying to cover his ass.

That did it for me. It wasn’t just his usual thoughtless; it was quite mean spirited as well. All that just so he didn’t have to back down from his claim about seeing cheering crowds of Muslims in Jersey City when the towers fell.

Everybody else realizes that that scenario he describes was broadcast and did happen, but it took place in the Middle East NOT in Jersey City. That’s a huge difference.

And i, for one, would certainly be willing to cut him some slack about conflating the two locations because it was such an emotionally wrenching time (particularly for a New Yorker)

If he would stop insisting it was Jersey City despite all evidence to the contrary, I’d have a lot more respect for him. But he never ever backs down, even when he is so obviously wrong that I regard that as a huge red flag where dealing with other nations is concerned. You don’t want a President who is that unbalanced and full of false pride. That’s a sure recipe for a disastrous war sparked by a minor kerfuffle turned into a gigantic pissing match.

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I too thought immediately he is talking about the footage of Muslims cheering in the Middle East, yet no one says that on the “news” channels I’ve been watching. They just say it never happened in NJ. Obviously, he mixed it all up in his head, and as you said, I too can be forgiving of a mixed memory, but is anyone pointing out to him what he probably is remembering? So he can search his mind? Did people around him know he was going to talk about Muslims cheering in NJ and let him say it? Do they all have bad memories?

I actually have always been interested in what Trump had to say about the Middle East, not that I wanted him to be president, but what little he has said on camera I found very interesting. He knows all the players regarding oil and business. He was critical of the Bush administration and their ties to oil. I think Trump is extremely patriotic, believe it or not, and he is less likely to sell the soul of America for friends to make money. I could be completely wrong, but that’s how I have perceived him. Now, in his campaign, he won’t take money, because he knows exactly what that means.

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I tend to agree with you regarding his patriotism. I’m not so cynical to think he has no positive qualities. I also appreciate the fact that regardless of his own narcissism, he managed to raise decent hardworking kids who are not spoiled entitled brats who exist mainly to be tabloid fodder. Unlike some other rich people who spoil their kids rotten (Hiltons, for one) I don’t think any of his kids ever had a stupid or shameful incident blown up by the rags.

And they respect him, to boot. So he and Ivanna obviously did something right. I’ll always remember the time I heard Don, Jr. talking about how when they were kids, they could call him anytime and never turned down. It didn’t matter what corporate bigwigs he was in a meeting with, he put everything else on hold to take a call from one of his kids. I thought that was a sure sign that he had his priorities right when it came to raising his kids.

But all that still doesn’t mean that I’d be comfortable with the idea of him as President :)

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@Buttonstc I think we are on the same page regarding Trump. I think like many first generation children (his mom immigrated here, and paternal grandparents) he was probably raised by parents and grandparents very grateful for the opportunities America gave them and their kids. I was raised with an appreciation for America in that way, and I’m second and third generation, depending on what side. Immigrants during those years wanted their children to be “Americans” and we lost languages unfortunately because of it, but a deep appreciation for American freedom and opportunity was instilled into much of that generation.

If you watch the entire clip from the Jewish Coalition speech, he is introduced by a woman who says he is a mensch and has chutzpah, and that she has witnessed how much he cares about people and family.

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~Kasich? From Ohio?
Why, he’s a swell guy! WE love him!
Let’s see, missing $ coins bought as a ‘State Investment’
Gosh- he got us some swell deals from Pennsylvania and the like! Why John said” We’ll take your dirty fracking water! Why, we’ve got some old mines to flood with this hazard nobody wants!
Even after Pennsylvania and other states stopped fracking because of problems and hazards? Kasich sat right up and had them come over to frack the hell out of Northeastern Ohio! Why they even hired people to go through land deeds ans ownerships from the 1800’s down in order to find those who did not have the Written Rights to ownership of the undergrounds of their lands! So- frack away! Health issues be damned.
Why, Johnny even promised the fracking companies that he would lead a movement to get the fracking rights to the State Parks! What a guy!
Oops! What’s that?

He still doesn’t see any need to stop.
State funding for road repair, esthetic landscaping, grants He got those for his home district over others in critically dangerous need of repairs.
Got some great friends some fanta$tic jobs too!
No. Y’all can’t take this gem away from Ohio! Why, he’d never come back t’home with all those financial profits to be made elsewhere.
Stick with the Donald. At least he has a sense of humor!

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@msh You just changed my mind a little about Kasich. I’m moving to NE OH and there are gas rigs all over the place. A few listings for houses advertise free gas. I do believe fracking is causing earthquakes, but I wasn’t all read up on the topic. All I know is some TX friends have experienced quite a few quakes, and some friends out west. I’m now officially nervous about buying a house in the side of a cliff, and there are some in the area. I’ll also be sure to get earthquake insurance. I guess I’ll also check to see whatever house I buy has all mineral rights.

I’m a democrat and will probably vote for Hillary, but from what I understand she is ok with fracking too, which has bothered me. Now, I understand what Trump meant when he said OH struck oil.

Thank you for the link to the article and your answer.

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You are most welcome!
Ohio has a lot going on in many areas. Get some Ohio travel books free from the travel and tourism, to help get the lay of the land. It shows the different areas which will give you an idea of all the different influences the state holds. Ask them about other informational materials. It’s a political swing state, so candidates sure show up here a lot! Sit back and watch the fun! :)
The museums, the history, and the mixture of differing backgrounds of that area of the state, make it a nice area. There’s a lot of ‘interesting’ to dig up in what Ohio is all about. Welcome! Enjoy it!
Because of Kasich’s work,
Please make sure, if possible, to find out any close works of land being started in your area. If there is a great deal of open land or fields for planting or grazing around- and if you live outside a city-limits area, please check Who owns the mineral rights- underground or how your land is recorded in county records.
If you are within a developed area, no drilling or fracking. No problem.
There are a few oil wells here and there on private lands in some places. Small little wells that help families with a little bit of extra income,
Get snow gear for any lake-effect weather if you’re near Lake Erie.
The only fault line for changes comes up between Indiana and Ohio- in the Southwest of the state. It has not grumbled but twice in my lifetime, and none one generation back. No damage, just an odd few moments of ‘did you feel that?’ Platelet movement. Far away from you folks. I’m closer to it.
You are very aware of things that go on, so I think you’ll be and do just fine. I think you’ll enjoy it. Springs’ and Falls’ are my favorites here.

I keep odd hours because of caring for a family member right now, but if you wonder about, or need anything, let me know and maybe I can help or have suggestions. Seriously!

I’m with you on the candidates. Give me a smart woman who has actually dealt with the international and national players, policies, and issues, I feel safer. Things have changed so drastically and so quickly in every area of that office and it’s responsibilities, it stuns me more and more. I just like Hillary’s smarts and background to boost her effectiveness. She’ll need it.
Too bad Elizabeth Warren can’t/ won’t join her on the ticket. Now she would shake the economy up to make more things workable. She’s one smart, good person in her job.
I’ll have my fingers crossed. :)
Perhaps we’ll get lucky and Kasich will get lost on his way back here.
You’ll do fine here. Be careful in your travels.

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@msh Politically speaking I’m glad I will still be in a swing state.

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Pretty soon the candidates will break out the hats and canes and start dancing a jig during their visits! It’s kinda fun to watch!

I forgot above. Yes, I am not really pleased about the politicians and their views on this fracking fiasco either. I’m wishing that they didn’t have to court big business influences while campaigning. It’s a serious enough issue, but I guess that’s for who are effected by the fallout from it- not everyone, everywhere. I guess we won’t know until whoever gets elected. :/

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