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What would you call a Japanese astronaut?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) July 23rd, 2008

They wouldn’t be called cosmonauts or astronauts. A Japanaut? You can ask the same question with other countries too (China, Italy, Canada, etc.).

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astronaut. I don’t speak Japanese.

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i have no idea
but i know what they will say when there is a problem
“Tokoy we having problems”

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The astro and cosmo do not refer to the nation of origin. They refer to the places they are exploring.

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uchuu hikoushi


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maybe a space ninja?
also Japanese people are pretty strange, so I might just call them weird…. because they are Japanese.
ii desita ka?

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Actually now that I think about it, the little bit of Japanese I have studied at university, the Japanese are all about “loanwords” which is basically they just use words from other languages and give it their own meaning. For example tape in Japanese is tape, but pronounced tapu. Though, it is not safe to assume they always carry the same meaning. For example Smartu in Japanese, doesn’t mean you are smart, it just means you dress fashionably. And Remember, its not Japanese if its not pronounced in japanese, despite country of origin. So I would imagine their word for astronaut is something like, Asutorunatsu. And since all words not of Japanese origin are written in Katakana, If my guess on pronunciation is right, then it would look like this.
And I think it is safe to assume they would loan their word from english, just because it seems like half of their loan words are english, russian seems kind of rare from what I have studied thus far. so it wouldn’t be cosmonaut

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