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According to Slate, your guess is probably as good as mine, but I would go with “dohj”.

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I don’t know universal phonetics.

Something like “Dozh”

Much confuse. Very speech. Wow.

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dough (like what you bake with), followed by zh

si3tech's avatar This is a wonderful site that pronounces english words. @marinelife dohj looks the most like it. It has a long “o” and say the “dge” as in judge. There are some foreign pronunciations there also.

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I am so internet illiterate. Here I was wondering why we were talking about the chief magistrate of Venice and it’s all about a bleeding dog! In which I case, I propose it should be dawg-gee.

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@janbb I agree with you. It’s like “doggie”.

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Doge rhymes with Moog and Pogue.

I love my answer so much. It is correct AND might not be helpful!!

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The e at the end signifies that the o is long. Dough-g.

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Basically how it looks. Like the word ‘dough’ and then a zh sort of sound.

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I’m with @jaytkay. And not just because he knows how to pronounce Moog.

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Trust me, the kids today (myself included) are saying it like it rhymes with boge.

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There’s an app I use frequently on play store that will pronounce any word you have its called pronounce it. The best part is it’ll do this in any language.

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Pronunciation apps cannot help with this, because “doge” is a longstanding word (which @janbb mentioned). Any pronunciation app is going to give you the pronunciation for that word, not the word for the recently-created meme.

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