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In your opinion do you really believe that stricter gun laws will stop these radical mass shootings?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18888points) December 7th, 2015

I am not against background checks, and maybe people should have to take a firearms safety course before they can buy a firearm.
But do you really believe that even banning firearms, will stop these nut jobs?
Making a firearm illegal last time I looked only takes it out of the hands of law abiding citizens.
I can’t see a thug or terrorist really caring if their guns are legal, can you?

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But the black market will really boom, by making them illegal,the underworld will totally prosper,is that another form of privatization?

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I know some will scream it will make it harder for them to obtain a firearm, really??
How has that worked for the drug trade? Illegal hard drugs still seem very easy to obtain.

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Not a chance Squeek. Just the mass of guns will overwhelm each and every measure to control them. In fact our circulating guns will almost certainly undermine any controls in YOUR country as they have in Mexico. Many of the consequences of our ailments are bound ( as they always are) to spill over on you folks. You have so far fared better than us, but don’t think for a second that the consequences resulting from our silliness are irrelevant to “the true North strong and free”. The societal stresses here guarantee indigestion to anyone close.

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The problem is gun culture. Two gun cultures, really.

There is the gang gun culture. They actually do live in danger (of their own making) and the way to solve the problem is education and jobs. I don’t see anyone making any efforts in that direction, though.

The second problem is the angry conservative gun culture. These people don’t live in danger, but they are fearful paranoids who think “illegals”, Obama, “the blacks”, the government, ISIS, and “the liberals” are threatening them.

Gun laws won’t solve that. To solve it they have to understand they’re delusional, but I don’t see that as likely. AM radio, FOX News and Republicans thrive by keeping impressionable conservatives fearful and angry.

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Very True^^^^ @jaytkay !

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Since obey the law? The only thing to stricter gun laws is to be able to punish more severely those who get caught breaking the gun law. Those who are hell bent on using guns for illegal activity will get them and they won’t care about the law. If anything it will make gun battles with the cops more likely because someone will figure if he is going to get 50 years for a weapons violation life is pretty much over anyhow, so go out fighting than live in a cage the rest of his life like some rat.

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You mean like the Islamic terrorists who broke every gun law in California, a state with the strictest gun laws in the country?

Or the “strictest” vetting/screening process by the department of homeland security which allowed homegrown terrorism and external terrorists to enter this country?

Yeah. Very convincing.

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If you think you will solve the problem you are totally mistaken. But sometimes you have to think that a 50% reduction is good result and worth pursuing.

You aren’t going to stop the kid that has dreamed about shooting up his high school for years. But you might stop the dude that is pissed off at his girlfriend from running down to walmart and buying a shotgun.

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No. The barn door on guns was blasted open long ago, and open it will stay.

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I agree. It’s equivalent to flooding the country with mosquitos, then arguing over strategies for controlling tropical diseases. There will be claims that the number of mosquitos aren’t the problem, but rather the foolish behavior of the people afflicted with sickness. “It isn’t the mosquito that kills you” the argument will go. ” The culture in America is just different”, etc. The absurdities involved with the gun debate are monumental. Let’s just talk about the success of the gun lobby in removing the funding from the CDC to compile statistics and research on gun deaths in the country. When you step back and just LOOK at this kind of stuff, you gotta think that this country is a place even Kafka could not dream up>

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