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What do you think about DELL-EMC merger?

Asked by Corbuleac (17points) December 7th, 2015

Dell announced that will buy data storage company EMC in a deal valued at $67 billion, which would be the largest transaction in the technology sector. Do you think Dell will take action in cloud hosting industry considering that EMC has VMware?

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Too bad. Dell isn’t what I would call the most stable company in the business. They’re pushing service, but so is everyone else. I don’t see Dell as a long term survivor.

Having said that: EMC is a great company. But there are now other players in the virtual server market, which is a major part of EMC’s income.

I don’t see this as good for EMC. Dell tends to ruin things that they touch.

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Indeed, This somewhat ‘strategic move’ may not be all that worthwhile, given that there are top rivals which have made enormous leads in the cloud rat race recently. I wrote more about it at I will write more related information in the following days and I will exclusively post on Fluther.

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