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How many of you have used a Ouija board, and what are your stories?

Asked by pplufthesun (612points) July 23rd, 2008

How many of you have used a Ouija board, and what are your stories?

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I used a Ouija board when I was a little girl. My friend and I sat in the dark with our fingers on the planchette, but it never moved at all. :(

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I’ve played with it before many moons ago. I am not lying- It moved. I threw that thing away because it freaked me out so much.

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In high school, i think my freshman year my boyfriend and his friends made me play. I have no idea to this day if any of them ended up moving it but it moved. Plus we “talked” to someone named Ed and the board said to look at the moon at..i don’t remember the time exactly but we did and there was an “e” shaped out of clouds in the moon. Creepy or just a coincidence,i’ll never know.

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I want to meet Mr. Howdy!

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I had one in junior high and we played with it once on a sleepover. In order to make sure than no one was cheating, we would turn out the lights and spin the board around before putting our hands on the planchette and asking a question. We asked it a question about a guy from our school who had died a few years before. We said that if he died of a drug overdose, point to the letter P. When we turned the light back on to see the answer, the pin had jumped out of the planchette and landed on the letter P! We all screamed and ran upstairs, and that was my last experience with a Ouija board for a while.

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let’s just say, I won’t touch one of those things ever again.

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Breaking mirrors, tables on fire, exploding light bulbs and of course, the spirit telling us what others were talking about, 2 friends cried all night after talking to another friend that was actually murdered by her kidnappers a few months ago (well, now is like years ago) we decided not to do it again until further notice….

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I have used a Ouija board multiple times. It has been in my family for generations upon generations. The Ouija board has gone from a tool of divination to a game, so if you use it like a game, you get childish answers, if any at all. If you use it as it is intended and under the correct circumstances, then the board can prove very useful. Not only can you commune with the Ether, but with the Ether of living people too, assuming they are asleep, and yes, I know that is an invasion of their privacy, but I’ll do what I want and let Karma, Fate, and Destiny deal with my consequences.

So far I have yet to have the walls bleed or the chairs fly into the air, burst into flame, then spew the souls of a thousand dead warriors… it was only one soul and he was a hermit from Rome, dressed in a camber-pot and toga. Hehehe.

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When I was around 11, I asked one how old I would be when I die. It told me I would die at 83. I know it’s hokum, but if it’s righteous, I’ll take it.

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