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What happens if the US elects Trump?

Asked by Lightlyseared (32140points) December 7th, 2015

Worst case scenario?

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He quits two months into his term when he realizes he can’t simply fire members of Congress.

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Nuclear armageddon. And that is not the worst case scenario.

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As much as I think he is not the right man for the job, I don’t think anything completely horrible will happen. I was more terrified of Bush than I am
of Trump pre election.

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Nothing will change except the tone of the talk. It’ll polarize politics even further.

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He’s already done incalcuable damage as a candidate. He won’t make it to the WH.

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Trump as President cannot possibly get any worse than things are now. People tend to forget Congress runs the Federal Government and that thought in itself is not overly reassuring either.

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It would be the big final nail in the cognitive coffin of Americans as voters. The post of White House press secretary as well as the cabinet position of Secretary of State could only be filled by top notch standup comedians!

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It would be the end of our democracy. But it was due to end anyway. And there could be all-out war, or mass suicides.

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I think we will be involved in a terrible war within weeks and that the country will grow ever more fascistic. I am truly terrified of him succeeding.

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I thought Trump becoming President was the worst case scenario.

I suppose other than alienating all of our allies, causing a world war, appointing idiots to the Supreme Court, and bankrupting the nation, his sticking a huge “TRUMP” sign on the front of the White House.

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In truth the country would probably survive more or less intact a Trump administration. What it would say about our competence in matters of judgement is another matter. Trump isn’t stupid. And the view of himself as a suicide gift to further the ambitions of the democratic party look more plausible with each passing day. The man is the great loose cannon careening around the deck of Republican campaign presidential hopes, and the wreckage inflicted on those hopes is almost certainly inestimable.

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The world laughs longer & louder than it already does at the silly eeh-merry-kuns.

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Muslim population of America is rounded up and sent to special ‘work camps’ dotted about the country. Trump studies become a mandatory subject in all schools and colleges. Trump declares himself President for life.

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Frankly, I’m amazed that at this point there are people who still think his campaign is serious. He’s trolling and he’s made it stupidly obvious that he’s trolling. The shit he says is far too outlandish to come out of any serious candidate in this day and age.

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The rest of the world would lose whatever shreds of respect they may still have for us. I don’t even want to think about it. Luckily, I do not really believe it is possible.

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Hi!! Been too long.

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Hi @Mariah how are you doing? Good to see you back.

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They would have done a zillion times better than electing Bush.

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Serious or not, @Darth_Algar, Trump’s campaign is spreading dangerous divisiveness and hate.

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I think @stanleybmanly and @Darth_Algar may have the right of it. At least, it makes sense that Trump is actually demonstrating how stupid so many people are, that he is getting away with this joke of a campaign. It seems far more relevant that what he’s said has been allowed to be taken seriously at all, than that he said what he said. How his actual thinking relates to his act, I don’t know. Nor do I know what the other revolting agencies (“news” media, “Republican” party, etc) responsible for their parts in the farce are actually thinking. I sort of suspect that he may bail out and be replaced by another “Republican” candidate. It’s all such nonsense, though.

Here’s an interesting article about him:

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Listening to Cruz tonight it sounds like he wants to be the running mate.

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